Red-Dot-A-Thon Entry Deadline Today

Update: Saturday the 14th -- if you still have an entry, send it this weekend via email to purr2dream at gmail dot com!

Today's the last day to enter the Red-Dot-A-Thon for the Pet Blogging Games.  We've had some great entries so far, but there's still time left to enter.
We'll start posting the entries over the next few days, and soon you'll have a chance to vote on which ones are your favorites.  That's right -- you will get to choose who gets the gold!
We know it's hard to get these action shots, and for the red dot to show up in the picture, but just have fun!

To enter the Red-Dot-A-Thon, e-mail your picture to purr2dream at gmail dot com.  Don't forget to tell us who the kitty is in the picture, and a link to your blog, if you have one!
Looking forward to your entries,
The Purries of Purrchance To Dream

To see a full list of events, visit the Pet Blogging Games blog:

Mo and The Purries


  1. My mom is super neglectful and we don't even HAVE a laser, so we can't play... BUT thanks for rememberin my Gotcha Day!

    Daphne, I am always thinking of you... :)

  2. I'm too old and uninterested to participate, but it sounds like fun!

  3. We're looking forward to seeing all of your entries! We'll be watching.

    Don't forget to visit us on the 31st for the Couch Potato Peeling Event!

    Lily Belle

  4. Thank you for visiting us and sending prayers, kind thoughts and purrs. We love you. Purrs!

  5. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Hi All!

    Can't wait to see the Entries! When you post them, would you pawlease link up to the Olympic Host Linky? This is gonna be such FUN! :D Thank you for Hosting this Event! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Hey, I was wondering when you are doing your red-dot-a-thon event?!?


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