We Love You, iDaddy & Little Isis!


Our iDaddy leaves today to go back to University in London, UK.  
We cannot tell you how much we're going to miss him.  He lights up our lives, and fills our hearts with love and laughter.  He gives us treats and spoils us rotten (we love it when he slips us a secret treat and says "Don't Tell Boss.")
Here he is holding Sonora and PJ, when their adoptions were finalized and they were permanent members of our purry gang.
We know this is the best thing for our iDaddy - to get the very best education he can, and have it paid for by scholarship.  But we just wish it wasn't so so so far away.  He'll always be close in our hearts, and we can Facetime with him regularly, but we want him HOME with us, curled up on the couch snuggling with us!  We love you, iDaddy, always!
Today is also Little Isis's GOTCHA DAY.  She loves her iDaddy so much, and this will be really hard for her, but we will all be strong for her!
  Happy Gotcha Day, Little Isis!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Awww...such a sweetie photo of iDaddy and the kits! We're wishing him lots of luck in his studies oh-so-far-away. Long distance stuff is so hard...but the reunions so joyful.

    ....and Little Isis, Happy Happy Gotcha Day!!!
    That is one of the COOLEST photos EVER!!!!!!! LOVE!!!

  2. I think the raspberry is appropriate. I mean it is your Gotcha Day. Doesn't the University of London KNOW that? They could have delayed starting school for you so you could have a happy day with your iDaddy. We know you will miss him and the count down begins to the holidays...

  3. Oh Little Isis, happy Gotcha Day! You're so adorable and good thing you have kitty company while dad's away. Purrs to dad for an excellent time in University.

  4. Wishing iDaddy another successful year at University and may it pass swiftly by. Happy Gotcha Day, Little Isis!

  5. Good luck and safe travels, iDaddy! We hope it goes by quickly for you. XOXOXO

  6. I know iDaddy will make you kitties proud with his scholastic accomplishments! Good luck to him and good studies! And happy gotcha day to Little Isis!

  7. Homer and Sophie promise they wouldn't chase Isis cuz their mom wouldn't like it, so they said some puppy lovin' for Little Isis on her special day.
    Prayers for iDaddy!!'

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Little Isis! Best of luck to iDaddy, and we hope there's another semester (Christmas?) break soon so he can come home again! :-)

  9. We hope iDaddy has a good trip and that he has a great semester. Hopefully the time will fly and he'll be back soon.

    Happy Gotcha Day Little Isis! We agree, that raspberry is appropriate!!

    The Florida Furkids

    Hope will fly away so you iDaddy will be back in NO time :)

  11. Happy Gottcha day Little Isis. We know you will have a great day.
    And we sure wish iDaddy lots and lots of luck at school. We know he will do really well. We know that all of you will miss him. Take care.

  12. Happy gotcha day, little Isis! We know that all of you are going to miss iDaddy, but hopefully the time will pass quickly while he's at school and he'll be come again for good soon. In the meantime, all of you can spread out on his spot on the bed at night and keep it warm for him!

  13. Happy Gotcha Day to Little Isis! We hope you have a great day. Although we know you're all sad that your iDaddy is leaving. But we bet he will Skype with you! Good luck to him!!

  14. Happy gotcha day, Little Isis! :)

    We're so sorry that iDaddy has to go to school so far away this year. That must be so difficult. We hope and purr that he does well in his studies, and that the year (somehow!) goes quickly for you all.

    Big hugs to you all.

  15. Happy Gotcha Day Little Isis! We are so sorry your iDaddy has to go so far away. We hope it goes well for him and he comes back quickly!

  16. Wishing you a Happy Gotcha Day! What a cute photo of you.
    Know everyone will miss iDaddy, but he is getting a good education for all :)

  17. Happy Gotcha Day Little Isis! I' sorry your iDaddy has to leave for awhile. He's be back and while he's away, he'll be missing you as much as you're missing him.

  18. We hopes iDaddy does well at University and that school breaks come soon so he can wing his way back to you. Happy Gotcha Day Little Isis.

  19. All the best to iDaddy ! And we wish you a happy Gotcha Day ! Purrs

  20. Happy Gotcha day Isis!!!

    Safe travels and a quick return to iDaddy!!

  21. fare thee well, oh iDaddy, and stuff those last bits of knowledge into thy head. return to a hero's welcome soon!!

    happy gotcha day, li'l isis--iDaddy will be back befur you know it!

  22. Aw, we're sorry your iDaddy has to leave for a time. You'll miss him.

    Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Isis.

  23. Happy Gotcha Day Little Isis! Good luck to iDaddy with his studies.

  24. Happy Belated Gotcha Day Isis!!!
    Too bad iDaddy has to go back to school.
    We know you will miss him but we are sure Mo will
    keep you happy :)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie


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