Remembering Peter

It was a year ago today.  One of the worst days in my entire life.  The day that our sweet Peter Peter went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I still don't understand what went wrong, still don't understand the sudden mystery of saddle thrombosis that can take out a healthy adult cat.  To make matters worse, my beloved Chloe passed in a similar matter two short months later.
I never really recovered from the loss of these two from my lives.  I'm sure anyone could make a valid point that I tried to fill the void of these two loved family members by adopting five kittens in the same number of months in the latter half of 2013.  I love the new members of our family, but no one can replace the memory of Stinky Pete, my little boy so full of personality, my big mancat so full of purrs who had the knack of making me laugh for no reason.
This blog certainly has suffered since Pete and Chloe's passing.  I should have filled it with posts of kitten antics and tons of pictures of the new Purries growing up.  But sometimes the pain of the memories is just too much.
I try to think back of the good times, the purrs and the laughs - of that last afternoon before he suddenly fell ill - of how he was perching up on the grill basking in the sun, enjoying the afternoon.  I think the lesson is there for me - to enjoy what you can every day, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
I love my memories of Peter, and will miss him always, but I need to focus on the present and the love and purrs my family bring to me every day.
Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and treasure every moment.
~ Mo

Mo and The Purries


  1. There is no timeline on grief. Our hearts are touched but all those that enter and leave our lives....and we are changed for knowing them

  2. Things happen and we often don't know why--that doesn't make it any easier for our hearts to process. Peter was lucky to have you in his life because we know that he and Chloe got all the love a cat could ever want while they were with you.

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    :( I still miss Riley who went to Rainbow Bridge in September 2012. I just changed the wallpaper on my phone so it is no longer his picture. Joy

  4. Mo, sometimes it's just really hard to get over a kitty's passing - and you had TWO very special kitties leave you in a very short period of time. So if you are still having a hard time with these losses, we totally understand and sympathize. Purrs to you.

  5. Spike's Mom here: I feel so bad that you lost both of your sweet kitties. I am still not over losing Willow last March and then China Cat in June. You wrote a lovely post remembering Peter and Chloe and you are right that we need to enjoy what we can every day. Spike gets so excited when I throw his ball down the hallway so he can fetch it back to me. I will always miss my girls but am enjoying my little mancat, Spike.

    Hugs from me and purrrrrrrrrrrs from Spike William

  6. Losing a family member is hard. Losing two of them back to back is devastating. You have to take the time you need to process that large a burden of grief. All of the loving lessons you learned with Pete and Chloe will be with you always. Sending purrs and hugs.

  7. I snatched a picture of Peter and still have it on my computer...he was so handsome!

  8. What a difficult anniversary. We are sending you virtual ((Hugs)) and **nosebumpies**.

  9. Sending you purrs and love today. I can see from those photos what a personality he had.

  10. We understand how hard it can be to post after a sudden loss. We hope happier memories of Pet and Chloe will fill your mind today. Sending purrs and pawtaps from all of us.

  11. mo.....pete N chloe sends ther love...all wayz.....therz knot a day goes by that they iz knot meowin bout how kewl ewe iz, wuz, N all ways will bee....


    dude & sauce



  12. We all love our kitties and are heartbroken when they have to leave us, but we cope the best we can. Then comes the kitty that changes all that and no matter how you try it is so hard to accept that you will never see your beloved kitty again. I have had many cats before Eric and Flynn, but no matter how I try, it is so hard without Eric. I know this is how you feel about your beloved Pete and I send you sincere good thoughts on this saddest of anniversaries.

  13. It's so difficult, isn't it? Thank you for loving Peter so much, Mo. He knew it, and knows it, while he waits at the Bridge until the day you two are reunited. Hugs and purrs to you, dear friend.

  14. No, there's no end time to grief. I lost Chumley suddenly on Jan 24/ 2007 to a blood clot and sometimes am still overcome by the grief of it, overcome by that terrible night.

    And of course I've just had the third anniversary of Annie's death (Feb 16), and that's still sometimes raw.

    Time doesn't "heal," IMO, but as one blogger put it a few years ago, we become accustomed to the absence of our beloved companion. That's the best we can do, I think.

    I also think that Pete still is with you on some level, as is Chloe.

    Lots of hugs...and I hope you do have a good birthday today.

  15. Pete and Chloe will always be a part of you. Those whom we love make us who we are.

  16. We came back today to wish you a Happy Birthday, Mo! Hope you have a great day.

  17. I've come to believe that Grief is a life long process, the raw rough edges are rubbed off with time but the underlying sadness will always reside in our hearts as we miss the ones our hearts ache for. There are no easy words that will ever make it make sense for each of us with big holes in our hearts names Pete or Abby or Chumley we will always carry them with us until the day comes we are reunited. I chose to believe we will be as it helps me deal with the loss now. Your Stinky Pete was a character and his iconic image as a kitten will always live on.

  18. We love all our pets, but some share a pawprint in our heart that leaves an indelible mark... My heart is with you and you are not alone with your feelings...

    Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang...

  19. There's never enough time ... Their lives are far too short form the devastated people left behind.
    Love you.


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