Mr Brave

Diego is so funny.  He doesn't mind the vacuum at all.  In fact, sometimes you have to put him into another room or out onto the catio so you don't suck up his floofy tail when he comes to say hello to Mr Vaccum.  However, if he is out on the catio and a neighbor down the street is weed eating or using a power tool. Diego will come to you and give you that, "uh hey there, there's some scary noise here, so we go inside now, please?" look. 

Mo and The Purries


  1. Meowm hates that I "whack" at the sucky monster. I bet she wishes I was more like Diego with it. Oh and I run from other loud noises, and growl at the less loud noises. I think Diego rocks!


  2. What a face! Diego certainly has lots of personality.

  3. Diego is a funny boy! We're all afraid of the vacuum, so we think he's very brave!

  4. Diego is very very brave! We dive into the closets when Mr Vacuum shows up.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Diego is a super cat!!!!

  6. dood...ewe iz WAY braver N uz coz de masheen doez knot even knead ta bee ON coz when we see it... we run .....we hate it all much az... BURD


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