Hello fur-friends,
While Not The Mama is fond of saying that I am always the first one to the food dish (gotta be first!), here is photographic proof that my sister Chloe likes a good breakfast, too.
She likes to give herself a good lick-over after she eats, and I help by washing her ears for her. Sometimes she gets to distracted by my tail to wash my ears all the way, but I do a good job cleaning up myself, thank you very much.
Chloe, as you can see, is a calico. While tabbies are simply gorgeous with their symmetrical stripes, some people think calicoes are okay to look at, too. I love my sister, even if she is a big old mix of fur-colors and patterns.
Chloe loves to be held by Not The Mama, especially when he typing on the home computer. She purrs like crazy and goes all limp and gooey in his arms. She also loves to watch the computer screen --- at, she really likes to watch the picture of Rosie & Kelli pop up in the sidebar. Little things like that really amuse my Chloe.
During the day, she and I usually curl up for a nap together, but at night she likes to sleep with Not The Mama or Lee. Sometimes, I'll join in, but nighttime is so much fun to explore and run and chase shadows -- who has time for all that cuddling?
Chloe has also become a "lap cat" -- when Not The Mama watches DVDs, Chloe likes to curl up on his lap. Not me, I prefer my own cushion on the ottoman.
Every morning, Chloe loves to play chase the shoestring with Not The Mama. She loves to get a good wrestle in with his hand & wrist, too. In the evening when Not The Mama comes home from work, Chloe runs to greet him. Auntie Spooker and I are more dignified, and make him come to us to bestow greetings.
So, I hope this fills in a bit of information for you about my sister, Chloe.
If you ever have any questions about our life with Not The Mama and Lee and Auntie Spooker, just Ask Daphne, okay?

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. Daphne, what's the funniest thing you or Chloe have done, thus far?

  2. She's pretty, but you're still my furrverite.

  3. hello Chloe - yur a purrty one!

  4. Christine: I'll answer this in a post!

    Merlin: thanks for the compliments, you sexy devil!

    grr: grrrrr right back at ya! ♥

  5. INAMINI11:34 AM

    What a wonderful blog (crazy cat person to other crazy cat person.) I read the posts to Kitten, Sprankeltje and LOKi, and they are demanding their own blog now. What have you kitties started ?!!!


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