Spooker's Side Of The Story

Greetings to readers of Purrchance To Dream,

I am Spooker, the formerly beloved of Not The Mama, whom those vile usurpers call Auntie Spooker. Let me just set the record straight right here: I am NOT their aunt.
I was the Center Of The Known Universe until they came along. Now, I am portrayed as the villain to their mischievous little cutieness, when in fact I am the victim of their invasion.
Let me tell you my story...

Not The Mama and Lee discovered me at an animal shelter in Dayton, Ohio. I had been left in a shoe box on the shelter's door, and the shelter people took me in from the cold. They told Not The Mama that I was probably a runt of a litter from a breeder of Russian Blue cats.
During the time of my stay at the shelter, I was called Grady.
Not The Mama and Lee came in search of an adult female cat to adopt, but were asked to wait in a small room while appropriate cats were sought. In the meantime, they handed Not The Mama a little grey ball of mewling fur (that would be me), and instant love sprang up all around.
By the time Not The Mama signed the adoption papers, they called me Spooker.

For over ten years, I have been the Only Child, a role that I relished.
I got to sleep anywhere I wanted, eat whenever I wanted, and I certainly never had to share a litterbox!
My favorite time of the day was at bedtime, when I got to climb up on Not The Mama's chest while he read in bed -- I got the best ear-scratches then!
My entire world, as well as most of my sanity, came crashing down that fateful day this spring --- when they were brought into my home.

Now, attention and love in the house is divided. While Not The Mama tries to divide his affections equally, I see him holding the one known as Chloe and I see that loopy purr-happy grin on her face as she sucks away his attention from me like an evil little succubus. Lee doesn't even try to hide his new-found love for the usurpers, boldly declaring (right in front of me!) that "Daphne is my favorite." The nerve! The next urp on the carpet in the guest room is for you, mister!
So, gentle readers, can you see how a formerly contented cat has been turned into a bitter, hissing victim in her dotage?

And I refuse to listen when Not The Mama tries to reason with me by saying, "If you'd only try to get along with them, you might enjoy their company..."
Reason? Enjoy? I hisssss at the thought!

Please know, I wasn't always this bitter and resentful.

Remember me in my glory,
I was once The Center Of The Known Universe!
Oh, those were the days....
Respectfully yours,

Mo and The Purries


  1. we bet yur still just as loved - how could they NOT love you? that comment 'bout one of the new kitties bein the "fave-rit" WAS kinda rude though. maybe a good bitey is called for here.

  2. Spooker- you are a beautiful cat. The little need to learn something about RESPECT!

  3. Poor Spookers~ give her a kiss for me, Mo.~

  4. Spooker,

    You are very pretty. But I have to say that Daphne is my favorite, too.

    But I will say that I can't imagine having to share a litter box. I do feel a bit sorry for you for that indignity.

  5. jean paul12:16 PM

    Spooker, you have the whole personality of a real cat. Continues being as you are.


  6. Thanks to everyone for their kind words ~ Spooker

  7. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Spooker! I know EXACTLY how you feel-- the same thing happened to ME!
    I was perfectly content being the Center Of My Human's Known Universe, and then she adopted TWO other cats. BOY cats. Ugh. And my human (MY human!) actually pets them and talks to them and FEEDS them! Feeds them out of MY dish, mind you.
    It's enough to make me hiss and spit.
    So I understand exactly what you mean.


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