Thursday Thirteen #1

For my first Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to list
Thirteen Things That I'm Thankful For:
  1. Not The Mama
  2. My Sister, Chloe
  3. Merlin (he's sooo cute!)
  4. Sunshine On My Tummy, Makes Me Happy
  5. Morning Shoelace Chase With Not The Mama
  6. Iams Kitty Crunchies
  7. Always Being FIRST To The Food Dish
  8. Water, Water, Everywhere
  9. A Clean Poo Pot
  10. Watching Birdies Through The Sliding Glass Doors
  11. Snuggles With Chloe and Not The Mama
  12. The Bathroom Window Sill
  13. Auntie Spooker, even if she does still hissss at me after five whole months!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Good list, Daph!

    It's kewl that I'm on it... And I've got you linked, girl, did that right away!

  2. Now isn't this a sexy pose for this kitty!

  3. Lovin' the Chloe list!

  4. Merlin: Thanks for the link! Mrrrow!

    Lizza: sexy kitty, loving that!

    Christine: um,,,,, don't you mean the DAPHNE list?!?!


  5. whoops~! yeah, sorry,~ DAPHNE! DAPHNE list!

    Heh heh. Try to be coherent too early in the morning, and look what happens....

    magic word: thrkygoc~
    preposterous lies~ as in, "What, you're trying to tell me this isn't Chloe's list? That's plumb thrkygoc!"


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