Chloe Helps Decorate

Hello Fur-friends!

Last night, Chloe and I got to help Not The Mama take some Halloween pictures for his blog.
Here's a shot of Chloe, trying to tell him what pictures to take. Aren't you amazed that she's not scared of that big creepy skull?
Check out what the rest of his pictures look like at
It's A Blog Eat Blog World.

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. I'M amazed that the big creepy skull isn't afraid of those big glowing kitty eyes!

  2. Course she isn't afraid of the creepy skull! One pounce and it would be over for that skull!

  3. I will defend my beloved Daphne and her sister Chloe from any big creepy skull that may attempt to attack.

    Do not fear.

  4. Merlin, thank you! You're my hero!

  5. you got sum grate deck-or-a-shuns in yur house! duz ya want us ta come hang out wif you fur Halloween? we're 3 all black cats an we know how ta do the archy back hissy stuff. we'd fit rite in wif yur decor.


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