From Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden

Dear Daphne,
I'm so glad to hear we can ask you questions. We have to ask you something:
What exactly does our human DO when she drives over there to visit? It seems like she's gone for SOOO long, and when she comes back, she doesn't smell like US anymore at ALL!
She tells us she's going to visit you again in a couple weeks, and she keeps muttering something about the Angel Of Death.
Is that Not-The-Mama's friend?

Write soon-- we don't get out much.

Your feline friends,
--Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden

Dear Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden:

Thanks for your question! Well, I've only seen your human-bean a few times, and most of those glimpses were from the top of the stairs looking down at her. Chloe and I aren't much for strangers, and your bean certainly counts as one of the strange ones...
She seems to enjoy her visits, though, at Not The Mama's home, 'cuz she & Lee have been friends for years and years and years, they tell me. Last time, after your bean left, I hear Not The Mama say, "Just ONCE I'd like to beat her at Scrabble!"

As for Death visiting, I was there and witnessed when he said he was looking forward to Janna's visit. Not The Mama was too busy looking at Entertainment Weekly and scratching my ears to seem too worried about Death's next visit, though...
Chloe and I will try to sniff your bean out good next time she visits, and let you know more details of what she is up to when she comes to see us. Thanks for your questions!

Meow for now ~ Daphne


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Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Take good care of our human.
    Thank you for answering our question.
    We will try to be patient and wait for her to come home after the Angel Of Death is through visiting with her.

    --Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden

  2. Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden,
    I'll take good care of your bean while she visits! I just hope she leaves you three plenty of good food and water when she visits Lee & Not The Mama!

    meow for now ~ Daphne

  3. señorgato7:07 PM

    I have one second question! I have a play with Jean Paul who is “the game of the Glances”. When I am resting, Jean Paul and I directly watched the eyes and holding the glance. Lose that who turns aside the glance. Jean Paul it does not like to lose. But although I always lose gives something me extra of food.

    As is your game preferred with Not the Mama?




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