A Message From Not The Mama

Hello everyone -- just a quick message to say thanks to everyone who's visited here since we started Purrchance To Dream.
Yesterday, Lee and I, along with the kids, had a great Sunday together. Both Chloe and Spooker got lots of "hold me hold me" time, and Daphne got to be Inspector General of Fall Decorations being brought out.
Thanks again for checking out our kitty blog!
♥ ~ Morgen (aka Not The Mama)

Mo and The Purries


  1. yay! cuddly Sunday's are the best! we gotta remind the Lady 'bout that...

  2. Jean Paul12:25 AM

    I really leave commentaries because I like this new blog! And to the SeñorGato also it likes, already I throw eye to him to Daphne. (One says Here thus when somebody feels attraction by another one). hehehehe!

  3. grr, midnight & cocoa: you make sure that Not The Mama said cuddly Sundays MUST be a priority!

    jean paul: well, hate to break it to Senor Gato, but Daphne is spoken for. Her heart belongs to Merlin. ♥

    Now, Chloe is a sweet little petite calico with a penchance for exotic South American Senors! Arriba!

  4. Jean Paul4:18 PM

    Poor my SeñorGato, never is broken the heart to him, thus is the life.


  5. 4rew3- from LOKi
    We all love your blog. It gives us a reason to get up and eat!


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