The Siesta Question

Hello Fur-Friends!

Today's Ask Daphne Question comes from Jean Paul, who is a friend of Not The Mama's who lives in South America! His cat, Senor Gato, wants to know where's my favorite place to take a siesta?
I guess the answer would be on Not The Mama's bed, because the fluffy blankie that's there is soooo warm and cuddly. Chloe and I like to curl up around each other and nap there.

Other favorite solo siesta sites: the ottoman in the TV room -- I love to stretch out there and hang my head over the edge of the cushion and drift off into sleep; then there's the chair in the computer room -- good for a short siesta while Not The Mama is holding Chloe when he's on the home computer.
Of course, when Not The Mama is watching a movie in the TV room, then Chloe and I like to climb aboard and have a siesta right there with him -- Chloe likes his lap, and I like to push his knees apart and make a hammock of the lap blanket and stretch out between his legs --- kitty hammocks are the best!
So, hope this answers your question!

And a note to Senor Gato -- I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings, but I just wanted to be purr-fectly clear that mybelongs to Merlin. But my sister, Chloe, has a thing for swarthy South American Senors -- maybe you should send her a purr-sonal note, asking for her affections.

If anyone has a question you'd like me to answer for next week, just Ask Daphne!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. SeñorGato12:59 PM

    Hi Daphne!

    I'm SeñorGato!

    Yes, my heart already this recovered and I feel better, I request excuses to you if I made you feel uncomfortable. It was not my intention.


    Your sister Chloe is as pretty as you?

    Perhaps Not the Mama would have to dedicate post only to her. Desire to tell more things him on my. You can tell something him? I am a very brave cat, always I am fighting against both dogs of this house, by all means that are fights with a crystal door in the middle of us. But equal me I face them. (Jean Paul says that she writes that also I am handsome). I would like to tell him more things to Chloe.

    Please, sends my greetings and one affectionate MEOOOW to your beautiful sister.

    Ciao bela!


    Ps.- I am going to him to ask Jean Paul takes a photo me to send it to your sister Chloe. But first I am going away to bathe with my tongue.

  2. Um, Dude. SenorGato, you best step off. I dunno if I can even allow you to "move on" to Chloe.

    Hi my beautiful Daph! I'd take a nap with you anywhere.

    WITHOUT SenorGato.

  3. oooh - Senor Gato sounds dreamy!

    we likes ta nap on our Lady cause she's "extra fluffy", but she's been losin' summa her fluffiness wif sum stoopid "diet" an we don't like it much

  4. SeñorGato4:24 PM


    Without a doubt, you are not a cat with class.


  5. Now now, boys -- no cat fighting!

    There's enough purr-fect kittie love in the world to go around.

    Senor Gato: Chloe is having a portrait made, so she can show you her best side --- coming soon!

    ~Not The Mama

  6. Oh, SenorGato. Jealous much?

    I am, in fact, a very classy cat. Otherwise, Daphne would not be so devoted to me.

    You and I will get along fine as long as you respect our Love. No cat can put it asunder.

  7. Hello, Daphne and Chloe!
    I'm so glad to hear we can ask you questions. We have to ask you something:
    What exactly does our human DO when she drives over there to visit? It seems like she's gone for SOOO long, and when she comes back, she doesn't smell like US anymore at ALL!
    She tells us she's going to visit you again in a couple weeks, and she keeps muttering something about the angel of death. Is that Not-The-Mama's friend?

    Write soon-- we don't get out much.

    Your feline friends,
    --Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden


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