Spider Solitaire

I found out what Chloe does all day while Daphne & I blog surf.
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. My Mommy likes solitaire. I prefer to gaze lovingly at photos of beautiful Daphne.

    I wish you could go for a stroller ride with me, my sweet!

  2. Another one of life's great mysteries solved! Good job, Sherlock!

  3. seƱorgato9:22 AM

    When I do not have anything to do, I like to do is to look for ChinChin (the dog of this house) and to bother it. Sometimes one gets angry, but he does not do anything to me because it knows that I am able to defend to me.


  4. Momma does that sometimes on the PC...

  5. Does Chloe ever win on that thing? My Meowm can win with one color, but when both colors are added she always loses.

  6. My Merlin: I wish I could go strolling with you, too! Together, we could give those squirrels a what-for!

    ~ Daphne

  7. Junior: Not The Mama & Chloe say they both only do the One Color at Spider Solitaire.
    Not The Mama often does this game when he's talking to his real momma on the telly-phone. He says she lives way far far away and we've never seen her.
    Chloe likes to watch Not The Mama play "rivers" MahJonng, too -- the way the tiles zip all over makes her tail twitch!
    Meow for now ~ Daphne

  8. oooh - our Lady loves that game. she duz 2 colors, but wants ta pull her hair out wif all 4 suits. 'parently 4 suits is just evil.


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