Thursday 13 (#3): For Senor Gato

Hello Fur-Friends,
Today I bring you Thirteen Things about my sister, Chloe. While my heart belongs to my beau, Merlin, perhaps I can fix Chloe up with Senor Gato...

1. She's a petite calico. She doesn't have the refined symmetry of a tabby, but please don't hold that against her.

2. She has had to put up with Not The Mama's camera since she was very little.
Here she is, eyes barely open, and he's sticking that camera in her face!

3. She was born in Hartford, Michigan on March 7, 2006. March 7th is also Lee's birthday, so this should help Not The Mama remember birthdays in our house!
In just a couple days from now, Chloe and I will be seven months old. Here she is, above, perched on an empty bag of kitty food at Kathleen's house.
Kathleen is the one who took Mommy Mari in from the cold and let us six kittens be born in her basement. We ♥ Kathleen.

4. This is Not The Mama's favorite portrait of Chloe.

5. Chloe and I were adopted by Not The Mama and Lee in May when we were 8 weeks old.

6. We had to go to the vet once and get our tummies operated on. Not The Mama said that we were "fixed" but I didn't think anything was broken... Chloe was an un-friendly sister for several days after her tummy surgery and she even hissed at me!

7. Chloe's favorite thing to do in the morning is play with Not The Mama and a big long black shoelace that he has tied to his dresser drawer knob. He has to have it tied up there, or Chloe will take off with it and hide it. She likes to grab toys and run off with them, so she can chew them in private.

8. Chloe loves to chew things. Not The Mama has said several times that she chews things like a puppy. Chloe wasn't even offended by being compared to a puppy! I think she was too busy chewing his slippers to care...

9. For alone time play, Chloe loves her rattle mice. She has several, most of them are now hidden under bookcases and other furniture, but her mostest favorite is one that she's almost made nekkid by chewing off all the fur, trying to get to the rattley insides!

10. As witnessed by the portrait below, Chloe sometimes has delusions of grandeur.

11. Chloe's newest obsession is being held by Not The Mama when he is working on the home computer in the evenings. She loves trying to catch the mouse pointer on the screen, but that bores her after a few minutes. Then she paws at Not The Mama's tummy until he picks her up. You should hear her purr -- she even likes to get her tummy rubbed then!
I have more pride, and I use the time in the computer room to try and figure out how to get into the fishtank.

12. These two pictures are the most recent ones of Chloe, taken just a couple of days ago. The one on the left has been photo-shopped with the "watercolor" effect. Sometimes I think Not The Mama spends waaaay to much time on the computer!

13. Chloe wants me to tell Senor Gato that she's interested in seeing his picture, now that I've shared so many portraits of her. She also wants him to respect Merlin and understand that our tabby-luv is purrr-fect. Okay, I added that last part myself!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Daphne, our love is purr-fect! You are right, and oh so beautiful!

    You know, my Mom says I got "fixed" too, but I didn't have my tummy operated on. It was, well, something else. I wonder what's up with that.

  2. SEÑORGATO11:22 AM

    Dear Chloe!

    I was walking towards the door when Jean Paul approached, and she said to me moved: “There are a message for you and many photos”. In my mind it appeared a single word: “Chloe”. We seated in the computer, I was on the legs of Jean Paul and I have left overwhelmed. He could not believe the beauty that reflects your face. It is an angel that escaped of the paradise? Still I continue enjoying! Only I can say you:

    "For a moment it thought that it had died to me and had entered the sky. But now I see that I am alive, and the sky has come to my."


  3. Oh we must you get you on our blogroll, pretty girl.

  4. oh Chloe, you are just lovely! we think you should certainly give Senor Gato a chance too - he's such a sweet talker an furry romantic!

  5. This was entertaining, Mo, thank you!
    I'll try to do Thursday Thirteen next week!

  6. Thanks for linking me, Daphne!

    I'm glad that Merlin is behaving a little more like a gentleman now.

  7. It's nice to meet Chloe. I didn't know you are so young- you write like cats much older than you! Does Chloe have any weird habits? Bean is a calico also, and she loves to play with water. Happy birthday!

  8. Merlin: you little charmer, no wonder my Daphne is so smitten with you!

    SenorGato: I will read your comment tonight to Chloe and see what she thinks!

    chey: I added you to my links! Thanks!

    grr, midnight & cocoa: I'm rooting for chloe & the senor, too -- but we'll see what she thinks.

    christine: after three weeks, I joined the Official Thursday Thirteen website!

    Sadie: he's a little sweet-talker, isn't he!

    LOKi: don't you think that Chloe chewing up stuff like a rabid little puppy is enough of a weird habit? She's such a chewer! Toes, fingers, Daphne's ears, my slippers, Lee's flip-flops, cardboard boxes (a favorite of hers, I must say!) and even the new bag of kitty litter waiting to be used have all felt the wrath of Chloe's voracious nibblies!

    Thanks everyone for the comments
    ~ Not The Mama

  9. You're being a very generous sister to showcase Chloe like that. You girls are only 1 month older than me! I was born in early April 2006.

    Your friend,
    Misty E


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