TT #5

Thirteen More Things About Daphne

Hello Fur-friends,

Here are 13 more things about moi:

1. I love to jump up on the windowsill of the bathroom and play peekaboo
with Not The Mama thru the curtains.

2. Rattle mice rock.

3. Sometimes I purr just because I'm happy.

4. I like to wake up Not The Mama in the morning by jumping up on his chest and sticking my nose right on his lips. He says this gives him "the willies".

5. Have I told you before? I don't like being told "No!"

6. Lee tells me "No!" more than Not The Mama -- especially about my jumping on counters. Not The Mama will brush me with his hairbrush in the morning when I jump up on the bathroom sink counter, but Lee then turns around and snaps his fingers when he sees me up there and says "No!" Needless to say, I save my counter jumping for brush time with Not The Mama.

7. I like it when Not The Mama distracts Auntie Spooker with a good chin scritch,
'cuz then I can get in some good Spooker sniffs without her hissing & growling at me.

8. Not The Mama has the best lap. Chloe sometimes even shares this lap with me.

9. I like watching action scenes on the TV, especially the fight scenes.

10. No one can out-race me up & down the stairs! I win!

11. Iams Kitten Crunchies makes my coat shiny & soooo soft!

12. Chloe & I are very lucky to have found a Forever Home with Lee & Not The Mama. I just hope that our siblings Sir Galahad & Macaroni get Forever Homes soon!

13. My boyfriend, Merlin, is the cutest cat around. I can't wait to see pictures of him in his new Kitty Stroller!

Well, Fur-friends, Happy TT!
Meow for now ~ Daphne

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Mo and The Purries


  1. awww.. what a sweet TT!! I miss having a cat!

  2. Good list Daphne! Merlin likes to save certain fun things for just when I'm around. Cause his Dad says "no" more often than I do.

    I'm gonna get some of those crunchy things for Merlin so he can be nice and shiny for you. ;)

  3. Daphne, what a great list! It is so good to get to know you. I suspect you are much sweeter than I am.

  4. Tammy, Sadie, and Chey: I added your links to Daphne's TT!

    ~ Not The Mama

  5. Cute TT! :)

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Yeah for Dafne..Our Samson and Delilah are good cats as well. We have one problem..Apparently Delilah has gotten so fat from eating the dog food she lost her neck. i really can not find it

  7. My Meowm never yells at me for jumping on the counter!

  8. Heh. I call that male person who lives in my house Not-Sarah. And I like to race too. Happy Thursday!

  9. Excellent list, my love!

    I did one too!

  10. I purr just becuz I'm happy, too! We have so much in common! Here's my TT link:

  11. Daphne- getting to know you better enriches my life. Thanks for sharing!

  12. That's a most adorable photo of you Daphne!

  13. Oh, I know just how you feel. I dont like it when My HuMom tells me no. She does it alot sometimes, especially when I try to get outside.

    My HuMom has this sort of list up too, but she didnt write about me

  14. we love hearing lotsa stuff 'bout you - keep it coming!

  15. Ah, Daphne is cute!

  16. Yes! I loved the part about "Getting in a few good Spooker-sniffs" while Not-The-Mama provides distraction.
    It's the same thing with Honeynut and Brynden. He'll sneak in a few good sniffs while I'm petting her. And I swear, sometimes he just stands there with his nose to her butt and does a l-o-n-g s-l-o-w inhale....
    At least it's weird to us humans.
    I'm sure you lovely cats have your reasons.

    P.S. I have a Thursday Thirteen now too!!


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