Chloe Cracks Me Up

This morning, Chloe was even more playful than ususal. And that's saying something --- we have to play "shoelace" every morning, but today, she was in a wrestling mood. I've found that she has a very sensitive nose, and she loves the same smells I do -- this morning I showered with Bath & Body Works' Amber shower gel, and it has a divine, warm residual aroma.

Apparently, Chloe loved it as much as me, because after I got out of the shower, she was all over my hands. She flipped over on her back on the bed, and did her push-me/pull-you routine, where she wraps her front paws around my wrist, pulling my hand to her mouth to chew on my fingers, while at the same time pushing against my forearm with her back paws. Really quite endearing. This morning, she did NOT want to stop chewing my fingers -- like a dog with a new greenie, she was chomping away! Unlike Spooker, who has to be told not to bite too hard, Chloe has never caused me pain with her nibbling, nor broken the skin.

The past few nights, I've been coming home from work with the lingering smell of bergamot oil on my hands. One "property" of bergamot oil is that if you rub it on your hands, you allegedly will have good $sales$ in your cash register. Hell, I'll try anything for mo $$$.
Chloe has found she appreciates the lingering of the bergamot, and she will happily chew on my hands while we watch Remington Steele in the evenings. I just wish I was at home now, curled up in my overstuffed chair, with Chloe on my lap chewing my fingers, watching an episode or two of Buffy.

By the way, Coleen says not to apply bergamot oil directly to the skin, because it can cause sensitivity, especially to sunlight. So far, though, I've had no ill side effects. Just a few more $$sales$$!

The picture above was a blurry one of Chloe, that I used the "mosaic" function on my pseudo photoshop software to salvage. I've found that many blurry kitty pics can be made into new and amusing portraits by playing with the special effects functions in your photo software. Just my crazy tip for the day! (ps = I finally got the courage to tell Lee last night that the ONLY thing I want for Christmas this year is a REAL photo-shop software program!)

Mo and The Purries


  1. It sounds like Chloe and you were having a good time this morning! I like to do that push/pull thing with my Meowm sometimes.

  2. You should try something coconut scented to see if your girls like it. I love it when my Dad uses coconut shampoo, then I rub my face in his hair and sniff! It's definitely my favorite shampoo smell.


  3. i gotta lick the Lady's hands all offur, but Midnight only licks her shirt an her hair. well, at least she's all clean by the time we get done.

    hope ya get the fotoshop - we want it too!

  4. Hi Chloe - That's a cute picture of you!

  5. Señor Gato10:18 AM

    To Chloe:

    In the morning to the night,
    of your body to mine,
    your color to my glance,
    your air to my air,
    your voice to my to understand, your joy to my desire,
    your caress to my kiss,
    your love… to my love.

    Señor Gato.


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