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With me working 6 days a week, when I have a day OFF, Chloe thinks that it's Hold Chloe Day. Well, yesterday, I was bound & determined to get not only caught up but a bit ahead in my NaNoWriMo writing. Chloe was bound & determined to be held while I was on the home computer. At first, we kinda compromised by having her actually draped across my wrists as I typed -- her decision, and she purred up a storm... must've been like a magic fingers mattress or something... but of course soon she was up on her hind legs meeeeeewing "Hooooold Meeeee"
So I did for a while, but typing 1-handed really really slowed me down.
Finally, a compromise we could both live with was discovered when I got up for some more tea & to put my laundry in the dryer: Chloe had claimed my chair, and was already curled up. So I rolled the chair aside & used the piano bench. She was right there next to me, content, and I could actually type.
This worked for a couple of hours, 'til she woke up and meeeewed "Hooooold Meeeee" again.
Fortunately, I was spell-checking & posting at Writers, Ink by this point.
Alas, with the Chlo-distractions, I only got 1 chapter written not 2, but it was a nice long one and it did catch me up on word count.
And I wouldn't trade one second of my time with my little Chloe for all the word counts in NaNo-ville.

For you writers, I purrr-posefully did not edit down this pic, so you could see my home writing arrangement. My favorite mug for tea (British Breakfast, extra honey yesterday) and the XMRadio remote (New Age station 24/7). What you cannot see, to the left of the chair is the fish tank - so I not only have the bubblies to relax me, but the fishies to watch whenever I need a mental "break" from the keyboard.
Hope you all check out my story at some point @ Writers, Ink.
The novel is set in Ancient Egypt, but there is a cat who plays a prominent role in the story!

And don't forget: Post your Peace Globe tomorrow!

~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Sweet Chloe... She wants to help, she's got some great ideas for stories I bet.

  2. Loved this little glimpse into your life!


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