Naptime In The Chair With Not The Mama

After planting over 400 spring bulbs (daffodils, dutch iris, grape hyacinth, crocus, and lots & lots of allium) yesterday morning, I was beat. While Lee tried to figure out how to get me interested in our next "Project", I sat down to rest my eyes for a moment...

The kids thought this was a dandy idea, and quickly joined me. Lee took this picture of me, Spooker, Chloe, and Daphne -- all sharing the warmth of a Sunday nap.

(Interestingly, he gave up on me, and when I woke up an hour or so later, there were SNORES coming from upstairs -- Lee actually took a nap on his day off!!!)

Mo and The Purries


  1. that's a purrfect way ta spend the afternoon! an WAY TA GO LEE! nappin' is 'zactly the thing ta do on a day off.

  2. by the way - we wuz wonnering where does Senor Gato live? one of our human teenagers thinks he's furry romantic an wishes boys in her high school spoke like he duz.

  3. Personally, I think it should be a LAW that you should get to take a nap on your day off!
    Senor Gato lives in Peru.

    cheers ~ Not The Mama

  4. Wow, wut a kool bed! We're jelus. How do we get one?

  5. Oh that looks furry comfy.

  6. thank you - we'll let our Allergic Girl know. it seems Senor Gato is very popular with our people

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  8. o, Not tha Mama Morgen, that looks so comfy, a kittie-quilt. wishes i wuz there wif u's. snuggles.

  9. DUH! I was sitting here thinking he looks like morgan!

  10. Hahahaha!

    You look so comfortable, piled high with kitties!

  11. señor gato6:03 PM

    Hi Not The Mama

    Jean Paulk is so busy this week and past too, poor!!!!, Im wiht him.

    I wan tto send one big meoooooowww to Chloe! She is the more better cat on the world!!

    Señor Gato!

    Ps.- Cheers, Grr, Midnight & Cocoa. Your blog is very nice, I saw many times.

  12. Sunday afternoons were made for naps, especially when there's no football on television!


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