New Furry Friends

Hello Furry Friends!
We have some new friends to introduce you to! Their names are Clyde and Divot, and they live with Not The Mama's friend Coleen in Portland, Michigan. For those of you who have visited Not The Mama's store website -- Coleen is the lady who makes the Herbal Soaps that he sells at The Wren's Nest.
And yes, these are the same Herbal Soaps that have inspired Herbal Soap Stud Fridays at It's A Blog Eat Blog World (by the way, Not The Mama has been told that link is Not Work Safe, whatever that means....)
But back to the important stuff: Clyde and Divots are adopted brothers -- Coleen's husband found Divot (the black & white kitty) on the golf course, and Clyde was abandoned at Coleen's veterinarian's clinic. These two guys became fast friends and brothers-in-paws. Don't you think the photo below is hysterical? It looks like Clyde just told a joke that he thinks is really really funny, and you know that Divot is trying NOT to roll his eyes in exasperation!
Coleen says that Clyde & Divot don't have their own website (yet) but I think this pair would have great online adventures, don't you?
Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh they are so cute! Momma loves them lots.

  2. Hey, welcome new friends!! Nice to see your pics too can check out this post on vacation trip with pets . I hope u all are planning for a trip this weekend..

    keep njoying!

  3. they're ADORABLE! that really is a great picture!

    our Lady has seen your Not Work Safe link. we aren't allowed ta repeat what she said, but we could tell she liked whatever she saw.

  4. Funny picture. :)

  5. It does look like Clyde is laughing heartily at his own corny joke!

  6. ps.
    Coleen sent me an e-mail (can't convince her to get a blogger account) that she & her husband Tom enjoyed my posting the pics of Clyde & Divot, and said that yes, Clyde is quite the jokester and Divot often seems to have to put up with his little bro's antics and shenanigans!
    What a great pair of kids!
    I'm so glad that Coleen & Tom have these little fuzzballs in their life!

    Not The Mama


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