We're Here!

Update: 8:45pm
We're home!
Jazper slept through the car ride home, but the moment I opened the carrier in the basement, he came out. He was a bit freaked out at first, and tried to get as high up as he could. Then he ran and sniffed all the corners. I showed him where the water dish & litter box were, then gave him a handful of Whiskas kibble. He pushed them around on his new green plate, then ate a couple. I sat down and just talked soothingly to him. Lee came down & said "Hi"
After a few minutes, Jazper came to me, gave me a head-butt and started to purr.
I knew everything was gonna be okay.
We did a little petting and purring and bonding, then he started to eat the stinky goodness that Danielle had put into the cat carrier's food dish. I showed him where the purrpad was -- Lee put it inside a box, so he could curl up.
So, now I'm exhausted, and I know he must be too. I didn't take any pictures, because I didn't want the flash to freak him out even more than he already must be. There will be plenty of pictures to come soon!
Daphne & Spooker have their noses pressed up against the bottom of the basement door, trying to figure out what's down there -- which is funny, because Spooker is finally so distracted that she's taken time out of hissing at Daphne to do her under the door peering.
Chloe, of course, is perched on my shoulder as I type this. She says no one can be on the home 'puter without her supervision!
Thanks to Danielle, her kids, and Karen for all their help with today.
Good night, everyone
~ Not The Mama

This morning, Lee & I went to Target for Rescue Kitty supplies!
We got (from left to right), a purr-pad, fev-ver butt rattle mice, a litter box & pooper scoop, treats (my home kitties don't eat treats, so this will actually be a treat for me to give treats to a kitty!), food plate, water dish, and some stinky goodness (Danielle says he LOVES stinky goodness!), Whiskas kibbles and Arm&Hammer litter. I had to keep the bag of litter away from Chloe when I came home -- for some reason, she LOVES to chew on the bags of Arm&Hammer kitty litter, the little freakazoid!
So, I'm all set up in my basement for his arrival -- he's going to spend one night there, before he comes to his new home at my store tomorrow morning. After a long day of travel, I figured a rest stop overnight at home (cutting out an extra 1/2 hour of travel to the store this evening) would be a good idea. And this way, I can spend some time with him tonight.
So, how did I do on supplies? Did I forget anything?
Danielle called me from the Boston airport a while ago -- she was at the terminal saying good-bye to him. Now, I hafta sit here and wait (and go on MapQuest to figure out how to get to the South Bend airport!!!) until it's time to go pick him up.
I would like to give a special Shout Out of THANKS to Danielle's kids, Mary Claire & Benjamin, who gave their own money to help send the Rescue Kitty to Michigan, when donated funds ran low. Thanks ~ you are very special, and very appreciated!

Love to all,
(aka Not The Mama)

Mo and The Purries


  1. Hi Daphne! I like the new look on your blog!

    Have fun with your new friend!

  2. Bet you are excited. Can't wait to see the airport pictures!

    I don't know what the purr pad is, but he will need something to scratch on. My cats love their super scratcher. Too, it will keep him from using your shop as a scratching post.

    I'll be checking your blog all day to see what's going on. This is such a happy day. And I am depressed beyond words with KC being so sick.

  3. Sadie -- thanks for the visit!
    Say Hello to Merlin for us!

    Mary Lynn -- I cannot imagine what you've been through this week. Please know that our prayers & purrs are with you & your family.

    with love,
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Morgen & Daphne & Chloe & Spooker, too!

  4. Oh what a lucky kitty to have you adopting him. Lots of fun stuff!

  5. Jean Paul5:51 PM

    Good luck, Mo!!!!

    I hope to well for you!!!


    Jean Paul

  6. How exciting! We will be checking back to see his arrival. Hope Jazper has a nice trip. I bet he attracts loads of customers into your shop when he is sleeping in the window!

  7. Morgen,
    Looks like you are all set. I can't wait to come back on the site and see pics. Please let us know how things are. I am curious to know how he is doing. I am so very extatic for you. He is one of the best cats ever. I feel like I am losing one of my own. In the short time I have know him he filled my heart with love. I know you will love him like I do. Take good care of him for me.

  8. we're hoping all was well and the kitty wasn't too scared by the long flight in the carrier. if all went as planned, you should have him by now - we're so excited!

  9. oh, and a scratchy thing would be great. we like the one that's just pieces of cardboard in a rectangular box, but it gets kinda messy when we tear it to shreds. you might want one of those that hangs on a doorknob. our furrend MonkeyBunkey highly recommends the ones where you can reach, stretch and claw.

  10. I'm so glad Jazper got there safe and sound. I'm surprised he came out and wandered around so soon. Whenever I moved, my cats would hide under the bed for days.

    Looking forward to the pictures!

  11. Yeah! So glad he arrived safe and sound! Can't wait to see picture of him and I love his name, Jazper!

  12. we're so happy he's feeling comfy enough to explore and get to know you already! we think he'd make a great shop kitty, bein' so friendly an all.

  13. Welcome home to the Jazz-man!

  14. jean paul11:46 AM

    Good!!! Alright!!

    Please, I wan t to see picc of Jazper!! I like so much!!

    Jean Paul

  15. Thanks for the great comments everyone!
    Yep, the Jazz-man has found a new Forever Home!


  16. How sweet-- he headbutted you and purred, which means he decided to make you his friend! Awwww.
    Tell me again why Lee doesn't let the other cats have treats?????


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