Sweetness Runs In The Family

(originally posted at It's A Blog Eat Blog World 7/12/2006)

I swear, Daphne has the most endearing personality of any cat I've ever known. She loves water, and never tires of wrestling with her sister.

Every morning as I get dressed, she demands that we play with her favorite toy: a piece of black elastic with a bit of foam tied to the end. Then she follows me into the game room, to supervise my cleaning out the litter box.
The other night, while Lee tried to sleep, she climbed right up on top of him, purring like a lawn mower, and stuck her little wet nose right into his ear! Lee was not happy. Daphne was quite amused, however.
Spooker will always be my #1 child, and Chloe is the sweetest, demure little kittie, but Daphne just has that extra pizazz that will steal your heart.


Daphne's sister Makara (we call her Macaroni) and her brother Galahad, as well as Mommy Mari, are still up for adoption. Charlie is pictured between Makara & Galahad, but Kathleen is going to keep Charlie, along with Shanti.
Visit www.animalaidsw.org/adopt7.html

Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Chloe is the most beautiful cat of the planet Earth!


    SeƱor Gato

  2. Oh you look so cute there. I like to sound like a lawn mower too.

  3. Daphne- you are furry special! My Mom thinks that about me, too! It's good to be loved.

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    we shure do hope yur sisfur an brofur get a good home like you has - they're furry cute!


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