TT #7: Cat Urp Edition

Hello fur friends:
Today brings us the Spooker Urps Edition of Thursday Thirteen.
Auntie Spooker has what Not The Mama calls a "delicate" tummy.
This means she eats fast then barfs it up. A lot.
Here are the 13 most recent places Auntie Spooker has urped.
(Not that you really wanted to know...)

13. Under the table in the foyer.

12. On the steps upstairs -- I have to jump over that now, but it just proves my stair-poppin' prowress!

11. In front of The Stranger's Jack O'Lantern. Was this a political comment? At least Auntie Spooker waited 'til The Stranger left to go back to her own kitties.

10. Right next to the food bowl.... EW! For Bast's sake, you old fur-ball, couldn't you hack somewhere else? (At least Not The Mama cleaned this one up right away!)

9. On the runner in the foyer.

8. On the throw rug leading into the foyer. Notice that she seems to really like the foyer for her vomitoria...

7. On the kitchen mat right in front of the sink. Not The Mama says, "Yards and yards of linoleum and you have to puke right on the one fabric thing in the whole frakkin' kitchen!?!"

6. On the kittie blanket on the guest bed. Again, she waited until after The Stranger left to do this one, thank goodness!

5. Right in front of Not The Mama's chair in the living room. Another political statement? Or did she just wake up from a nap and decide that lunch wasn't settling right?

4. In Not The Mama's pile of socks. That'll teach Not The Mama to put away his clean laundry instead of leave it on the cedar chest. Won't it?

3. Under Lee's desk in the library. At least she's an equal-opportunity puker.

2. On the boot mat right inside the back door. Nothin' says WELCOME HOME like a fresh pile of cat urp!

1. On the arm of the sofa in the guest room. I hafta apologize to The Stranger for this one. Auntie Spooker had left it there as a welcome present for her Halloween weekend visit. And the stranger tactfully pointed out, as she was leaving three days later, that it was still there! Oops -- Not The Mama really dropped the ball on that one! Sorry!

Next week, 13 things a little less pukey, I promise!
Meow for now ~ Daphne

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Ugh I just typed a long response and I submitted and got an error.. BLAH BLOGGER!! LOL

    Anyway very interesting TT!! My pup Shrek likes to puke in corners.. its good that he does if he must get sick and we aren't here to let him out since no one walks there but its no fun running around the house trying to figure out where the smell is coming from LOL

  2. Oh my goodness, that is a lot of urping. I hope she's feeling okay!

    Daph, be sure to check Merlin's blog today, he's got something special for you.

    Happy TT!

  3. Poor Spooker! It must be horrible to urp so much! I hate it when it happens to me.

  4. Hey efurry-body!
    If you haven't watched Merlin's video, go check it out NOW!

    (and be sure to watch to the end for the special mention of ME!)

    meow for now ~ Daphne

  5. Eeewwww. Mom does not like it when we hurl. That's why we don't get stinky goodness. Cause everytime Bubbles eats stinky goodness he hurls all over the place. But he does not hurl when we eats a whole rat! Does that make any sense? I would like to have some stinky goodness!
    - Mrs. B

  6. Lost of urping going on there. I'dhate to be the one how has to clean it all up.

    Have a great day.
    Happy TT!

  7. Poor girl. I know how she feels, though. I have a delicate stomach and throw up a lot, too. I never made a diary of my places though. Maybe I should keep better track of it.


  8. I did another TT~ seriously considering joining up officially!

    This post was hilarious!
    My mom's cat kept doing that, and the vet told her to get the cat some "low ash" cat food~ I think one was Wiskas, but not sure about that.
    Anyway, it helped.

  9. Oh yeah! Definitely some political statements there. My cat Coconut knows I get up in the middle of the night for the bathroom, and he always urps in the bathroom doorway. When he's really pissed at me, he just climbs up on the bed and does it!

    I thought about throwing up where he likes to sleep, but since that is my office chair, it's really a lose-lose situation.

  10. Wow ... I thought that Fudge Ripple was the only one with RRR (rapid reflexive regurgitation) ... He pukes for volume and distance. Auntie and Fudgie should have a competition.
    DaisyMae Maus

  11. Spooker urped in front of my Jack-O-Lantern???

  12. That's quite a list, and we thank you for it. It made our Lady actually feel pleased that she only has to clean up huge globs of black fuzz and the occasional poop that fell off one of our butts on the way out of the litter box.

  13. Back in the food bowl--the best place for an urp! Then you can eat it again and sometimes they don't notice! And if you leave just a little--then they know you did and it really grosses them out!

  14. Bean urps a lot too, but I think it's more about her scarf-n-barf behavior.
    Do you want to hear something gross? She's barfed in her bed! What a icky little cat!
    It was very tempting to copy your TT idea, but i thought that might be a bit tacky.


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