TT#11: The Jazper Edition

Thirteen Things You Need To Know
RK Jazper

13 Things I've learned so far about RK Jazper ~ by Not The Mama:

1. For those of you just tuning in, the RK in RK Jazper stands for "Rescue Kitty". The name Jazper came from Jasper + Jazz + Purr (he luvs to purr!) = Jazper. You can read more about him here and here.

2. He loves to be held. When I try to do actual work on the computer, and not hold him, he sometimes climbs over the back of the chair and tries to perch on my shoulder until I hold him.

3. He is a purring machine. As a Goodwill Ambassador in The Wren's Nest, he purrs so loud that even little old ladies with hearing aids can hear him!

4. He really, really wants to know what's behind the back door. But since it leads into a public hallway, for now he's not allowed out there.

5. He hasn't ventured into the store's display windows yet. We can see cars & traffic from the big, open windows, and he's leery of traffic. Which is a good thing. Once we get a nice sunny day, I'll coax him up into the window for some sunshine. By the same token, the front (customer) door of the shop holds no appeal to him, for which I am greatly relieved.

6. He has a Roman nose. I've never seen a cat with such a prominent probiscus before. It adds to his rugged charm & good looks.

7. At the very tip of his tail, there is a kink. You can't see it for his fur, and his tail certainly doesn't look bent, but you can feel that the last centimeter of his tail kinks at a 45° angle.

8. He has a notch out of the top of his right ear. A war wound from the alley cat days, perhaps. It makes me wonder what his life was like out on the streets, and I am so thankful for the donations & Danielle's family that allowed him to come be here with me, in a safe, warm environment.

9. He LOVES stinky goodness. He has access to kibble all day, but he will go wild for wet cat food. Surprisingly, he turned up his nose at Subway's tunafish. He also likes Pounce treats, and I've had to secure them in an un-disclosed location so he doesn't try to get them when my back is turned! We just tried a Greenies treat - and it was inhaled. So much for the "dental care" part -- there was no chewing involved! Just whoosh, and it was gone!

10. He seems to be more friendly towards female customers than male, and I wonder if he was abused by a man in his past. Thankfully, he doesn't hold me being male against me.

11. When the grumpy FedEx guy -- who hasn't said more than a grunt to me in the past 13 months -- saw Jazper, he chatted away in baby talk to him, for several minutes. Who knew???

12. He has 8" steel-reinforced claws o'death. Soft Paws are on their way!

13. Jazper appreciates all the attention he's gotten, and he'd like to give a special shout out to Daphne, for letting him hi-jack her blog for a week. We're not quite sure how the blogging turf war is gonna play out, so stay tuned!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Love and hugs to Jazper!

  2. Cute kitty! I love that you rescued this kitty - very awesome.

    Cute name too!

  3. No TT for me this morning but good to Jazper's! The notch in his ear did make me think that perhaps he was neutered by a feral cat rescue group. We have a cat with notches in her ears--like a little clip and the vet said that sometimes feral cat rescues do that to the ears to mark them after they have been spayed or neutered.

  4. Barb & Mikala -- thanks for the comments!

    Chey: really??? I've never heard of that before! That makes sense, but I really don't think the Jazz-man was a feral for long. I think he was abandoned. He certainly is making up for lost human-bean affection this week! And nap time! But I've fallen for the scamp, and I'm so thankful that he's not on the streets anymore!

    Not The Mama

  5. My ex had a cat with a kink in his tail also. It was from being caught in a door while it was closing though. I'm glad you and Jazper are getting along. A very nice thing you did for him.

  6. Thanks Mike! Ouch -- a tail in the door must've hurt!
    Thanks for your comment -- right now, the Jaz-man is taking a nap (which means I have free hands to blog!)

  7. So glad to have made yours and Jazz's acquaintance. He sounds like good company.
    Have a purrfect day.
    Take care,

  8. Your kitty sounds wonderful!

    I've got a male kitty who has a thunder purr and does the same thing of jumping on the back of the chair and practically sitting on my back and head until I hold him. He is such the lap kitty.

    My 13 are up.

  9. Me and Mommy think its funny that the FedEx guy was turned into a soft pile of gooeyness by Jazper...

    We didn't do TT this week. We're lazy.

  10. I'm lovin' this stuff~

  11. Frances & Chickadee: thanks for your visit = I'll go & visit your sites right away! Thanks for the comments!

    Merlin: I know! I mean, this guy has a reputation of being the town's biggest GRUMP. He absolutely hates it when he has big boxes to bring into my store. I swear, he usually only grunts at me -- I about FELL OVER when he started talking mushy to Jazper!!!

    Christine: ♥

  12. Glad to hear Jazper is fitting in. Have you had him scanned for a chip? I have one and so does Tipper & Misty. George is too old to have a chip though.

    Since he seems to be a laid back guy, have you tried a quick claw trim while he's napping? That's the only way Mom can do mine!

    I do the same thing with my tartar control treats! Mom says I'm not getting the benefit of the tartar control at all. Oh well....

    Maxwell Smartkitty

  13. Hey Max -- I don't know if the vet in Rhode Island scanned him for a chip or not -- it doesn't say on the paperwork.
    And isn't that feline agism? What do you mean you're too old for a chip? Do they think if you get outside you'll just keel over.

  14. Love the TT for Jazper. He is acting like he's been around you forever, think it was just meant to be.

  15. Its cold here. When I am cold, I like to snuggle up under a blanket and watch movies... and well... you are making me wish I had a kitty to snuggle up with... *blush* lol... great post! Happy TT!

  16. Yay Jazper - you tamed the Savage FedEx Man! way ta go!!!

  17. Oh you purr? Can you teach me? Mom says I jus breathe heavy.

  18. Yay! I am so glad to hear Jazper is adapting to his new home! Everything sounds purrrrrfect!!


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