Ho Ho Ho (not)

Hey all,
Just a quick shot of the Jaz-man, up on the counter
@ The Wren's Nest.

This is our Totally Tabby Tuesday picture!

I have been battling a big bout of depression this humbug holiday season, and I am so thankful for the 4 cats in my life.

Jazper keeps me company during the day, and because he's here my days are bearable.

Daphne & Chloe keep me laughing and entertained each morning and night, and when they're around I know I am loved. I've gotten to where I can't fall asleep until Chloe curls up with me in bed at night. Last night, Daphne went on an under-cover mission under the covers, and she had me laughing as she tunneled down and then back up, purring like a lawn mower all the way.

Spooker is my anchor, and when she hops up on my chest during our going-to-bed ritual, I say a prayer of thanks for helping me get through another day and a thanks for having these 4 special souls in my life. And I know I am truly blessed.

Have a blessed day,
(aka Not The Mama)

Mo and The Purries


  1. efurrything's better with cuddly loving purr machines around

  2. I'm sorry you've not been happy. Meowmy gets unhappy this time of year too. She says looking at us ALWAYS makes her laugh and she is most thankful for kitties in her life, just like you! I hope the kitties help you survive the holiday easily!


  3. Everthing is better with a cat...well, everything that matters.

  4. My Mom says the same thing. Kitties mean everything to her.

  5. Daphne goin unner cover counts as Tabby Tickle Torture! I luv sleepin unner cover wif Mom. Dad wants to hog her for himself, but she's MY MOM.

    PS If yur feelin blue, blow more bubbles fur Chloe. I bet she'll make you laff!

  6. Wow.. look at all the cool stuff in your store :)

  7. We are sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. Meowm says that she has been a bit dperessed but she needs to get her RX filled. Meanwhile, I try to keep her happy.

    Hang in there!


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