It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Not A Creature Was Stirring...
Until I opened up the new bottle of Catnip Bubbles!

Last night, I took home the big box of Dr. Foster & Smith Kitty Christmas Goodies.
Daphne was fascinated by the new catnip bubbles, and was scratching at the carpet where the bubbles popped!

It turns out Chloe was more interested in climbing up me to try and lick the catnip bubble container (!) than chasing the bubbles! But she did like the box the goodies came in a lot!

Spooker, in her true fashion, was petrified of the catnip bubbles.
And she wasn't too thrilled at me trying to introduce her to her new heated cozy cup, either. (Chloe jumped right in!)
Lee's reaction, by the way, upon seeing the box of goodies: "Oh, like they needed more toys."

Daphne, Chloe and Jazper all say "There's NO SUCH thing as too many toys!"

Jazper has been chomping down on some new toys from his stocking today: a canvas catnip mouse that says "CATNIP" on it in big block letters, in case you didn't know it was a catnip mouse, I guess, and a lattice rolly ball with a jingle bell inside (did I ever tell you Spooker is afraid of jingle bells, too??) -- Jazper was actually chewing on the ball, then grasping it in his front paws and shaking it, to make it jingle. I laughed!

While I was ringing up holiday shoppers today, Jaz has taken over my comfy posture-pedic office chair (smart kitty) for a long winter's nap, and I now have the old creaky, uncomfortable extra chair to blog from.
Funny fact: when Jazper naps, he snores and drools -- just like me!
I've never had a drooling kitty before! Any of you kitties out there drool when you nap?
Or just your beans?

Thanks to the Empress Bee of Muffin53 for Christmastizing
our Purrchance To Dream kitty pics!

Ho Ho Ho
~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. we duzzn't drool at all, but Midnight licks the Lady's shirt till the shirt's all wet an Midnight's asleep. Grr snores though.

  2. No drooling here, except fur Bean on nip toys. Yuk.

  3. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I drool lots of times when my human pets me. Yesterday when she got home from her trip, she picked me up and I drooled all over her arm!


  4. oooo y'all are just so cute! I can hardly wait for the next holiday to decorate you....auntie bee


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