Thursday 13 # 14

Thirteen Places at The Wren's Nest
where I like to nap
by RK Jazper

  1. Held in Not The Mama's arms while he blog surfs.
  2. On the keyboard shelf of the computer desk.
  3. Behind the laptop -- nice and warm back there!
  4. On Not The Mama's chair. Yes, I claim the comfy chair!
  5. Under the Christmas Tree table in my Hidey Hole.
  6. Under the computer desk, on my purr pad, with Not The Mama's toes ticklin' my belly.
  7. On the floor in front of the register counter, especially when Not The Mama is with a customer. Hey, he needs to know that I come first!
  8. Up under the book table in my new Secret Spot.
  9. On the shelf with the gemstone spheres. Oops, knocked another one off -- they roll really well!
  10. On the display box shelf. Oops, knocked another one off -- these boxes don't roll very well.
  11. On the floor heating vent. Mmmmm. Hot.
  12. In the middle of the sales floor, so everyone has to walk around me.
  13. Up in Not The Mama's arms. This one's sooo good, I gotta list it twice!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I have a cat that likes to sleep on the heating vent. He sounds like he's an entertaining cat, even when he's sleeping! :)

    My 13 are up and my blog technical difficulties are resolved. Hooray!

  2. Hi Chickadee: thanks for your visit & your comment. I enjoyed reading your TT.
    I, too, mentioned David Sedaris on my blog (It's a blog eat blog world) today.
    I read your TT every week, but gotta say: I am unable to leave a comment. Every week, I try. Every week, it says: Spam in not appreciated.
    Oh well, at least I tried!
    ho ho ho

  3. Jaz - you need to tell Not the Mama that he needs to post photos of you in each of your favorite spots, then we can enjoy them with you!

    You seem very happy in your new home, and I know Not the Mama loves you very much.

  4. Oh this post reminds me of my snuggle kitty- who has been gone for many years now, but was a loyal and constant companion for 20 years!

  5. That's a good list! I also like to sleep in warm spots like on the computer or in the stereo cabinet.

  6. Hey Jazper!
    That´s a great list ôu mentioned. I´m a bit jealous because I´m way too big to nap behind the Laptop - but I always wanted such a warm place =)

  7. Jazper, those are all excellent nap places indeed. I'm glad you have found so many spots to get comfy!

  8. Toodles Kate6:31 PM

    My mom loves your Not the Momma's blogses. I like the long radiator in the poo-poo room for napping


  9. It is nice to have all sorts of places to nap. I like being the the heaty spot too.

  10. Those are nice nap spots. You are one a lucky kitty.

  11. The secret spot isn't a secret anymore ;)

  12. Sounds like you have some wonderful napping spots! :)

  13. Jazper ... It sounds like you've got it made. Great places to take a little (or a big) nap. Stay cozy!
    DaisyMae Maus

  14. Those sound like wonderful places to nap! We don't have heating vents, but we have radiators, and I love to nap in front of them, or on my cat tree that sits right in front of one.

    I didn't do a T13 this week, as my mom insisted it was her turn (hers is not cat-related.)

  15. This one was so good!~ Cats do make sure you know that they come first!

  16. Oh it sounds like you've got lots of good places to sleep!

  17. cute list..sammy and lyler keep finding new places


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