Totally Tabby Toesday

Jazper's toesies.
Look close -- can you spot the ONE Soft Paw
that we've successfully completed?!?

Mo and The Purries


  1. Morgen- have you tried clipping his nails? It usually takes two people, one to hold the kittie tummy up on their lap (scruffed if cat is really irritated,) and the other person to sit in front and quickly expose and clip the nails (don't forget the dew claws). We've been doing it for years, and it can really help. I've done feral cats this way also.
    Another trick (I'm not sure if this is applicable,) is spraying citrus-scented spray or perfume where you don't want the cat to scratch.

  2. Ha! Mom waits til I's relaxed, then comes at me wif the nail clippers, but I know her tricks an escape wif my nails intact. That one little red nail is cute, and so are all those paws.

    Mom's the only one who can hold me still and the only one who can clip my nails, but I won't let her do bof! Instead, she sumtimes takes me to PetSmart where they'll clip my nails fur $8.

  3. Yes, we're slowly (a few per day) clipping Jazper's nails. We have a few to go still -- he says DON'T for the DEW claws, so those little razor fangs are gonna be a problemo.
    But yeah, we have to clip 'em before we can put the Soft Paws on 'em.

    We're doing Soft Paws because I don't want to declaw him, but at the same time he's gonna be a 100% indoor cat now -- plus, he likes to "grab" your hands with his paws when you rub his tummy, and I'm afraid he'll scratch a customer. Even with clipped nails, he can do some scratching on skin with the claws.

    Yes, the best time is pre/post nap to trim his claws. Fortunately, he likes to nap either on a chair or on my desk, so access is easy for clipping -- when he accommodates me. I've learned to "watch" his signals and when to stop. After that time he bit me ON THE FOREHEAD (!) I learned pretty quick when to let it go for a while!

    ho ho ho

  4. DKM takes me to the evil Petco people to cut my toes. She said it was worth the $7 to not lose chunks of her flesh.

    Nice toes!

    - Side note... DKM said her hot UPS guy just left :0( she is in a deep depression...

  5. Very cute toesies. And the ONE sofpaw is hilarious.

  6. Ya mean that little red tippy on his toesie?????? I didn't fink boys liked red tippy toes.

  7. Jazper's toesies are damm gud. And which one is the soft paw??

  8. Very nice toes! :) Yes, we can see the one red Softclaw! My humans bought some for me, but they haven't arrived yet.

  9. Hee hee - didya notice that the softpaws is kinda da *middle finger*?! We finks dats all yur gonna get outta dat for a while. It's a nice Chrissmousy red tho.

  10. That cold almost be a picture of me!! But I think I would let the people put those things on my toes, not much really bothers me.


  11. The woman is thinking that if she tried to put those things on me, that's about where she'd get! She actually got three nails done on me in one day. She was so proud...

  12. what cute little pawsies! the Lady's still tryin' ta work up the nerve to do that to us - ha!

  13. Cute toesies...

    *snort* at the one softpaw. I'm lucky I got hold of Merlin when he was still a baby. I hope LT won't mind the softpaws...


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