TT #15

13 New Toys that Chloe & I got for Christmas:

  1. A canvas catnip mouse that says 'CATNIP' on it.
  2. A plaid catnip mouse with a fuzzy tail.
  3. Mr. Snowman who has a jingle bell on his hat.
  4. Rattle bell balls that Spooker is scared of.
  5. A wand with fev-vers on it!
  6. A plastic rolly ball that I like to scoop up and toss in the air.
  7. A star filled with 'nip.
  8. A sisal fev-ver butt mousie.
  9. The crumpled up napkin from Not The Mama's dinner plate.
  10. Styrofoam peanuts from the Drs Foster & Smith box.
  11. The box!
  12. Several shiny mylar balls that Chloe likes to carry around.
  13. Catnip bubbles!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. catnip bubbles? hmmm. My cats also enjoy all the little catnip toys. I find them in the strangest places too. Like in shoes or on top of the entertainment center. LOL.

    My 13 is up. I moved my blog and this is my first 13 in my new digs.

  2. Nothing beats the box!

  3. Sounds like Santa was good to you kitties :)

  4. I'm not showing your list to my cats they will be jealous!

    Happy TT and Happy New Year!

  5. Wow, you got some very great gifts!

    PS: You look very cute in your TT photo

  6. You should ask Not the Mama for those plastic rings from the milk jug. My friend Maybe really loves those things.

  7. Sounds like some spoiled kitties to me. Fun list.

  8. furry nice buncha stuff ya got there! fev-ver butt mousie...mmmm!

  9. Very good presents! I got some of the same, 'cept I got a bunch of shredded paper, too! I love to roll in shredded paper and make a colossal mess.

  10. It wouldn't be Christmas without fev-ver butt mousees!

  11. Wow... nice stuff. We got chicken.

    I'm going to have to have a little talk with those two about next year...

  12. Those are wonderful gifts! You're lucky kitties!

  13. Wonderful gifts! :) What a great haul! The catnip bubbles sound like fun!


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