Another Fine Mess

This morning, when I came down to go to work,
this is what awaited me at the bottom of the stairs:


While I am sure this is the box-opening culprit:


is the mischievous little scamp who scattered styrofoam peanuts
all over and forced me to get out the broom before I had any coffee:

I'm sure I'll be finding bits of styrofoam around the house for weeks.

~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Peanuts are almost as bad as icicles from the christmas tree.

  2. i am quite sure some other "thing" (not cat) came in the night and did this and got the kitties blamed, poor little innocent things! there there, auntie bee knows.....

  3. Someone had fun!

  4. Boxes and packing peanuts. That makes a nice nap spot. At least KC likes to take naps there.

  5. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Mommy left a whole box of those in her bedroom. They're fun. I like the shooshing noise they make when you jump in a pile of em!

    Toodles Kate

  6. That's the best mess we've seen in awhile ... think we'll go make one, too!

    The ArtsyCatsy catstaff

  7. she's been checkin' out KC's blog, hazzn't she?

  8. ....strofoam bits are often found stuck to the cats...


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