Spooker And Me

My favorite moments of the day are when I'm settling in to bed at night.
Daphne and Chloe are usually playing with a toy on the floor.
Spooker comes in and jumps up on the bed, climbs up on my chest and head-buts me for her evening chin scratch.
These few minutes each night with my Spooker are so important to me.
They tie the day up into a package, so I can have closure.
She is my anchor, my Spooker, and I am so grateful she is part of my life.
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. That is such a wonderful post! I love to hear about your relationship with Spooker! And she is very beautiful.

    ps: thanks for your nice thoughts for Daisy!

  2. Spooker is quite beautiful. I know what you mean, my kitty Reba would always get her best rubs at bedtime. It was my favorite part of the day, when she knew it was bedtime she would run run run to the bed and jump up.

    Merlin and Dobby are always playing at bedtime. They sound like a herd of elephants.

  3. Spookier is a gorgeous cat. Your evening routine sounds wonderful.

  4. That is wonderful that Spooker does that! I have to have my snuggles every night when Meowm crawls into the big bed!

  5. aaaaaaw, that is so sweet. He looks like a nice snuggler too.

  6. Oh Momma says that's sweet. My moment is always first thing in the morning when Momma wakes up.

  7. i do that too. as soon as the Lady lays down, i come runnin' fur cuddles, pets an snuggles. sumtimes i fall asleep wif her, an sumtimes i come back later fur sleep, but i always gotta purr her ta sleep.

  8. How beautiful Spooker is!! Colored much the same as my new kitten Clarence only he has dashes of white here and there...I've never raised a kitten before...they are so much fun!!

  9. Such a nice way to say good night.

  10. oooohhhh spooker you are lookin' good honey! auntie bee


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