Chloe & Senor Gato

Continuing our Valentine's theme here,
we present the Valentine's card
that Chloe made for Senor Gato.
(Scroll down for today's Thursday 13)

♥ ♥ ♥

And this note was left for Chloe today
from her swarthy South American Sweetheart:

To Chloe ( from my deep of my self)

Not once have I blinked and not seen your smile,
Not once has my heart beat with no power of my love for you,

Not once has my head stopped pounding with memories of you and I,

Not once have these tears stopped running down my cheeks,
Not once since we parted have I meant my smiles,

Not once have my lips stopped longing for your kiss,

Not once have my hands stopped shivering, wanting to be warmed by yours.
Not once have I looked at the sky and not thought of your eye- bright as the moon,
Not once have I looked at your picture and not wish you was here,
Not once has your voice left my dreams.

~Señor Gato
♥ ♥ ♥

Mo and The Purries


  1. Señor gato12:28 PM

    Ohhh!! Thank you Sweetheart! Yo always made my day!

    I go to request to Jean Paul that do prints this card (colors), frames it and hangs it on the wall, near my bed.

    I'm so happy now (and Jean Paul too), now, I'm on him laps, seeing your beautty card! You are so cuttie! whenever I watch the card, I contain the breathing!



    Señor Gato

  2. Great Valentine and a great poem! And a wonderful couple!

  3. beautiful card, and we love his poem to you also. our Lady also loves "I contain the breathing" - he's so cool and classy!

  4. oh chloe i think senor gato is smitten honey.....

    purrrrr, auntie bee

  5. whoa, Senor Gato is one cool cat! love the poem (from my deep of my self) and especially the 'i contain the breathing'.


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