Love, Love, Hooray For Love!

As Valentine's Day draws closer,
we have a big announcement:
RK Jazper will be escorting Jenny, Gatsbi, and Sally
from Forty Paws to the Valentine's Party!

As the song goes:
"Love, love, hooray for love!
Who was ever too blasé for love?"

To get us in the lovey-dovey mood here,
we present some pretty Valentines
from our dear friend Auntie Bee:

We'll have more Valentines treats
coming up this week!

~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. oh my! cute kitties. auntie bee loves this....

    smiles, and hugs and nuzzles too!

  2. whoohoo, Jazper - 3 dates for Valentine's Day! that's more than our Lady's ever had in her whole life if you added 'em all up.

  3. Those are so cute!!! Owr Maw isn't that talented yet. We ist still trying to teach her.

    Luf, Us


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