TT#20 : Kittenpalooza

Hello! Last night, Not The Mama was telling me & Chloe about how it was just about a year ago that he found out his friend Kathleen's kitty was going to have babies!
When Mommy Mari had her kittens, Not The Mama was right there with his camera!
The first picture is of Mommy Mari and all us kids (there are six of us!) -- everyone says that I look just like Mommy Mari, and sometimes I get called Mini Mari.
Galahad is our brother. He's the ginger tabby -- the only boy, and the only ginger! Can you see who is to Galahad's right?

That's right! It's our little Chloe!
She was the only calico.
So there's 1 ginger, 1 calico and four terrific tabbies!
(one of them is me - Daphne!)
Here's Chloe's first close-up!

We grew quick, and liked to wrestle with each other.
Especially with Galahad!

But sometimes, sister to sister tabby wrestling is the best!

After a hard day of wrestling, it's nap time!
Do you see Chloe?
Not The Mama thinks that's the back of my head under Chloe's chin.

Hey everybody, the fat man with the camera is back!

We sure grew up quick.
Soon it was time for me & Chloe to go live at
our Forever Home with Not The Mama.
Our four siblings still live with Kathleen.
This is Macaroni:

Here's Charlie Girl:

And this is Shanti:

When we got to Not The Mama's house,
he sure took lots & lots of pictures of us!
Look, it's me!

And here's Chloe:

This was our first fev-ver toy:
It didn't last too long!

Our first official Forever Home Portrait:
Chloe & Daphne

Hope everybody has a nice, warm & furry Thursday!
Meow for now,
~ Daphne

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Mo and The Purries


  1. What a beautiful bunch of kitties.

  2. Such beauty and cuteness!

  3. Wow -- nothing cuter than kitties. We really enjoyed looking at those photos.

  4. honey i so stold these kitty pics, stay tuned.... smiles, auntie bee

  5. I loved Kittenpalooza! I especially liked the picture of the kittens rasslin' in the bed together. That looks FUN! And very smart kittens to fold back their ears when rasslin'

  6. Oh girls, you were just darling! Of course, now you're beautiful.

    Your friend
    Misty E

  7. KC said...
    i's luved Kittenpalozza, nuffin like a bunch o' kittens fur fun fun fun.
    u's wuz bee-you-tee-ful kittens an nows u's gorgeous grown up kitties.

  8. aaaaaaawwww squishy kitties. so cute!!!! Your beans take great photos of all of you! You're just as adorable now!
    I'm glad blogger finally let me comment. It has been giving lots of us fits!


  9. Thanks for the comments, e-furry-body!
    Lots of purrs & head-butts to you!


  10. Awwww! Those photos make us want a kitten! Oh, wait...we ARE the kittens - doh!

  11. Oh my gosh!!!! Way too much kitten cuteness! Sigh...I wish I was still a kitten.

    Hi Jazpur! It is very sweet of you to have an interest in a frootbat like me. I would be honored to be your Valentine but as of right now I don't think I can accept another valentine to be fair to the other man cats. I do think you're awfully cute and I would love to snuggle with you! Your belly is especially snuggly looking.



  13. Talk about cute overload!

  14. KITTEN PICTURES! the only thing better than a kitten picture is lots of kitten pictures - so cute!

  15. Lovely! You were all adorable kittens. So cute! I really like the portrait too! Did "Not The Mama" create it? If so, he's furry talented!

  16. I loved these pictures!!! I love kittens so much and how cool that you got to get pictures of them when they were so small! :)

  17. Awww, I love those pictures. I have a ginger tabby I must go pet now.

  18. Oh my goodness! So many kitties! Momma wants to snuggle them all!



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