We Love You, Robyn

Robyn, from Hot(M)BC does SO much for cats every year,
the Cat Blogosphere has decided to name today as official
Robyn Appreciation Day!
If you love animals, click on over to Hot(M)BC
and say THANKS to Robyn for all she does for cats!

with our thanks:
Not The Mama, Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, and Jazper

Mo and The Purries


  1. I couldn't decide how much to give so I'm having a commentathon over at Chey's place. Come by and have each cat comment and you'll earn .50 to Mom Robyn!

  2. this is so great! she's going to be overwhelmed by love. purrs!

  3. Very nice. Love the valentine's below, too....

  4. Hi Daphne, I enjoyed your company at the party too. My dear Princess Mia couldn't make it, so I was happy to have someone to be with.

    You are welcome for the eats and drinks. It would have been hard for a little girl like you to push through to the buffet.


  5. Triple Threat was right -- overwhelmed by love is the perfect way to put it. Thank you so much. :) :)
    Love n "Purrs"


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