TT# 25: Chloe's Birthday Treats

Hi E-furry-body!
Yesterday was my Birthday!
Yes, Daphne's too, but this post is about ME!!!

Here's 13 things I did on my Birthday!

  1. Followed Not The Mama into the bathroom in the morning and waited patiently for him to shower, so he could give me my morning brushes and then carry me back into the bedroom.
  2. In the bedroom, we had our morning wrestle. Not The Mama lays me gently on the bed, then I wrap my front legs around his wrist and rabbit-kick his fore-arm while biting (gently) his fingers.
  3. I then supervised the Cleaning Of The Litter Boxes. First, I make sure he does the one in our bedroom, then I lead the way downstairs to the kitchen, where I make sure he cleans out Spooker's box, too.
  4. I made sure he filled up our water bowl on the kitchen bathroom sink. This is our water dish to play in, and I made sure to test it with a few quick paw-splashes as soon as it was full.
  5. When Not The Mama came in from feeding the chickens (yes, I have to make him post pictures of the chickens for those of you who didn't know until recently that we had chickens!) I got to lick the bits of snow that his boot-treads left on the mudroom floor.
  6. I meowed at Not The Mama not to leave me on my birthday, but he said, "I have to go to the store, SweetPea, and see Jazper."
  7. He told me he loves me, then he left. I sat and watched the back door for a while to see if he was coming back. I guess not.
  8. I had breakfast, then proceeded to find a sunbeam in the diningroom and gave myself my morning bath.
  9. In the guest room, I curled up and took my nap with Daphne. Us girls need our beauty rest!
  10. When Not The Mama got home, he brought a new bag of Iams kibbles! As soon as his back was turned, I started chewing the corner of the bag. What can I say, I love to chew!!!
  11. While Not The Mama and Lee (it was his birthday yesterday, too! 3 of us in one house all have birthdays together!!!) were watching TV, I curled up in Not The Mama's arms and purred really really loud.
  12. When we went to bed, Not The Mama pulled out our Birthday Present: a bag of Temptations! We'd never had treats before! But our good friends Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa are advocates for Temptations (they should be the official spokeskitties!) so Not The Mama got us some Salmon Temptations. At first, I didn't know what to make of it. But then I tasted it. Holy Ma-Goly! What do they put in them things??? After only one, I was hooked!!! I stood up on my back legs like a meerkat and begged for another one. Not The Mama laughed, but of course he gave me more. Daphne wasn't too impressed. She just licked hers then walked away. I made sure to run over and snarf it down before she figured out they's are GOOD! Now, instead of "Sweet Pea", Not The Mama calls me "The Temptationator" --- and he tried to hide where he put the bag (in the nightstand) but I'm too smart! I pawed and pawed at the nightstand, 'cuz I KNOW there's more Temptations in there!!!!
  13. Finally, I went down to my spot between Not The Mama's knees for the night. This way I'm "holding down the fort" and I know if he gets up in the middle of the night. So I can escort him to & from the human litter box. And now I can also ask, ever so sweetly, for some MORE TEMPTATIONS!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Hahahaha! The Temptationator is a good name for you, I think. Those things are goooooood. It sure sounds like you had a very happy birthday. And I would really like to see a picture of the chickens!

  2. Happy Birthday! I didn't like the Temptations at first....but then I tried them a few times and now I really like them. Not as much as Latte who swallows them all at once.


  3. It sounds like you had a great birthday! :) I've never tried Temptations, since we can't find them in Germany, but they sound delicious!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! I can tell you love Not the Mama *grin*...very sweet loving...couple ;)

    Happy Thursday Thirteen! I hope you have a very meow Birthday! Here is Mine! - 13 Blogger I like to visit

  5. Oh! I missed it by one day! Happy Belated Purrthday!!!!!

    Temptationator! LOL!!

  6. LOL My cats love those Temptations too! Happy Birthday to all three of you!
    I played too.

  7. I LOVE Temptations, too! Aren't they the bestest? Maybe Daphne would like the dairy flavor better - they's my favoritest. Sounds like a grate way fur puddins to spend the day! Purrs

  8. My cat, Lexx, doesn't like treats, maybe its because we haven't tried Temptations.

  9. oh yeah, tem-tay-shuns is the bestest efurr. mommy says there's "kitty crack" in them. I doesnt' know what that is, only that it's WONDERFUL

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

  11. oh you little cuties you! i am so glad you have something new to love also!! you are very lucky kitties to have not the mama there for you! auntie bee sends hugs and nose rubs!

  12. Uh oh, we missed your birfdays. Happy Belated Birthday everyone!

  13. You sound like one lucky kitty ;)

    Happy Birthday!

  14. What a busy day you had!! Goodness! And you found out what Temptations are! Wow! We didn't know what Temptations were either till we started bloggin and begged Maw to bring some home frum her hunting and gathering expeditions. Some of us like them. Some of us don't, so we're like you and Daphne!

    Thanks to both of you birthday girls for sending purrs to our liddle Dorfie!!

    Luf, Us

  15. Sleep, new treats, and Not The Mama's lovin'. Sounds like a GREAT birthday!!

  16. happy birthday chloe
    py thinks you are very cute and he has posted his pic for you in this weeks wordless wed.
    The Witch Dr is IN

  17. Happy late birthday wishes Chloe! Enjoy your Temptations a few at a time so they'll last longer (that's from Mom -- I say scarf 'em).

  18. YAY! ya gotted Temptations! kin ya get the dairy flayver where you are? if ya can't, we'll send 'em to you. there's also turkey an beef an chicken an seafood an hairball control an teef cleaning ones an maybe sum offurs i'm furgettin'. plus, now the salmon an the chicken come in MEGA size! yum!!!!
    Cocoa, Temptation Addict


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