Pink For Lilly Lu

We've changed our bloggie to PINK background to send out good pinkie vibes to our friend and fellow Pink Lady, Lilly Lu. She's very sick, and it might be due to those recalled Menu Pet Foods!

Daisy has a wonderful Thursday 13 dedicated to the wonderful Lilly Lu, so please check it out!

And Tara, Princess Meezer is doing a comment-a-thon, to raise money for Lilly Lu's vet bills. We need a hundred comments (right now it's at 39), so please visit Tara, too and leave your purrs and prayers for Lilly Lu!

We're praying for you, Lilly Lu!

Daphne & Chloe

(the image of Lilly Lu was created by Daisy, who says you can use it on your bloggie if you want to help spread the prayers & purrs for our friend!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Merlin's putting a post shortly.

    This scares me to pieces.

  2. Your blog looks pretty in pink. I am glad you liked the image I made for us to cheer up Lilly Lu. I am very very very worried about her. I hope that our strong purrs, pink blogs, and prayers will help her to get better. I am sad.

  3. I´ll keep Lilly Lu in my thoughts and prayers!


    Jazper, Spooker, Daphne, Chloe, and Not The Mama are awarded with the Thinking Blogger Award at auntie Sanni´s place because they are so warmhearted and always caring!

  4. Thanks for your comment for Lilly Lu. And thanks for mentioning my commentathon, I'm up to 76!!

  5. Me's going to Tawa's comment-a-thon now!

  6. nice pink blog! i've been purring hard for lilly lu since yesterday morning.

    has not the mama recovered from tax day yet?



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