TT# 28 : The Shameless Plug Edition

13 reasons to vote for us at The Blogger's Choice Awards:
  1. We're listed as instead of Purrchance To Dream, so we're starting at a disadvantage and everybody loves an underdog cat.
  2. We woke Spooker up from a nap just to tell you all about it!
  3. Vote for us, and Not The Mama will post more pictures from our gotcha-day...
  4. Okay, he's gonna do that anyway. Did we say "Please?"
  5. As in "Please vote for us!"
  6. Daphne promises to send purrs out to everyone who votes for us!
  7. Our friend Janna is nominated too, and we can't let her get more votes than us, right?
  8. Janna's nominated in the Freakiest Blogger category, by the way. Vote for her after you VOTE FOR US!
  9. Chloe would share her Temptations if you voted for her, really, if she wasn't shouting "They're MINE! All MINE!!!" as I type this...
  10. One of our toughest competitors is a site called "" - described as an "acid and hostile place to be since 1999." Wouldn't you rather vote for a "wonderful cat blog full of adorable stories"??? (that's us, by the way!!!)
  11. Our other top competitor in this category is - while we love Sharon, and her Disapproving Rabbit, Cinnamon, she's a famous blogger (I mean, she travels the country and appears on radio shows and lots of stuff, while we just blog) and Cinnamon's a famous rabbit. Again, don't you think you'd rather vote for us, the underdogs cats?!?!
  12. Cinnamon has Disapproving Rabbit t-shirts already, and a Disapproving Rabbit book is coming out! Vote for us, and maybe some publisher will find us and say "How about a Purrchance To Dream" book? And calendar. And an Animal Planet movie deal where Daphne & Chloe Go To Hollywood and meet the gang from Meerkat Manor!
  13. Don't make Jazper go all scratching post on yo ass!
    Vote for us!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Great reasons on your "shameless" plug. :)

  2. I really wish you did have an Animal Planet movie deal. Because meeting the Meerkat Manor gang would be fantastic.

    I am going to have to check out, just to see if it is very hostile. I hope I do not get in trouble for typing the word "Bitc*" because I am not allowed to say that word.

    Good luck in the contest!!!

  3. Oh Morgen awesome post. I already voted for the wonderful Kitty's. Your so lucky to have such wonderful little kitty's in your life. Callie

  4. You are shameless and it made me grin before tea. Well done. Kitty is a heart grabber.

  5. If I didn't already vote for you I'd run right over and do so!


  6. Happy TT and if ya'll don't win it's cuz someone cheated :)

  7. I'm with you on #9, Chloe. All the treats in this house are MINE!

    Maxwell Smartkitty

  8. Those are good reasons! I voted for you. :) Good luck!

  9. I voted for you just because you asked so nicely! :)

    Good luck!!!

  10. I have voted! you are winning at this moment in time!

  11. Those are great reasons! Especially about Jazper puttin the scratching post on our ass. That's funny.

    Luf, Us

  12. Your shameless plus is so hilarious I'm sold...I'm voting for you! Will ya vote for me too? Gotta get my plug in 2, right? :-) Happy TT!

  13. Off to vote now :)

  14. going to vote meNOWw

  15. Yep, that plug was definitely shameless ... But I'm gonna vote 'cuz I don't want Jazper to "go all scratching post" on my buns ...

  16. I almost missed Thursday!!! My TT is up, and I voted for you beautiful kitties!!!

  17. Hey, this is America, shameless plugs are expected! I voted!


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