7 Things About Daphne

Karen Jo from Kitty Limericks tagged me for the 7 Random Things Meme....

Hmmm.... what are some things you all might not know about me?

1. I don't like being held, but I will sometimes settle in on Not The Mama's lap if Chloe is already there. I prefer to perch on Lee's lap, but he doesn't like kitties on his lap, so I've learned to sit next to him on the sofa.

2. I sound like a pony when I run. That's according to Not The Mama, anyway. I love to run. Especially from open window to open window.

3. I used to drink only out of the bathtub, until a small fountain was set up in our room. Now I'll only drink out of the fountain!

4. I have good eyesight. The other night, there was a spider crawling on the ceiling across the room. Not The Mama couldn't see it at first (we were in bed and he didn't have his glasses on) but I sat and watched it for a long time. Because we like to be like our friend Daisy, we called our spider George.

5. When we go to sleep at night, I like to rest my chin on Not The Mama's hand and purr.

6. I have to be FIRST at everything. First one at the food dish. First one to drink out of the fountain when it gets topped off. First one in the windowsill when the windows are opened. First one down the stairs in the morning, first one up the stairs at night. First one in the laundry basket when the clothes come out of the dryer...

7. When Not The Mama turns off the shower, I push open the bathroom door so Chloe can come inside. Even though he can't see me 'cuz the shower curtain isn't open yet, when the door bursts open, he still says "Good Morning, Daffers". Chloe has to be in the bathroom when he's getting ready, so I've learned to help. Otherwise Chloe tries to stick her paw under the door, and we're afraid she'll hurt her paw. Chloe stands on the sink until Not The Mama is ready to go into our bedroom, and he'll carry Chloe. I run ahead and lead the way. Once we're all in the bedroom, it's Temptations time! Me and Chloe and Spooker all line up on the edge of the bed, and we get our morning treats. We don't mind that Not The Mama performs this task totally nekkid.

I'm not gonna tag anyone -- but I'll try to get Spooker to do this meme soon. When she's not napping, of course!
Hope you enjoyed learning more about me!
Meow for now,


Mo and The Purries


  1. Daphne you have a great routine, and we learned a lot about you and what goes on in your house. It is good to be first!

    We have sharp eyes too.... when we arent sleeping that is heh

  2. Hmm, this Lee purrson sounds like he needs to have lap therapy! We like lerning stuff about yoo. It's good of yoo to help Chloe get in da bafroom wifout hurting her paw.

  3. I liked learning new things about you, Daphne. Being first is good. I like it that you open the bathroom door for Chloe.

  4. I of course like learning things about you! It is nice of you to open the door for Chloe.

  5. hehehe...I can't stop giggling about the visual I have for #7!


  6. I like to drink from a water fountain too. I am very glad that spider-George came to visit you. Too bad you couldn't eat him all up!

  7. Very interesting things about you, Daphne! And we used to have bedtime Temptations time, too, but our mom got afraid of Temptations after the cat food recall. Lucky for us she finally find some treats she's not afraid of!


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  9. Annie lays her head in Maw & Paw's hands at night like you do!! And she also likes to drink from the bathtubs. And the fountains.

    That's a great routine you have. Yep. We haf to agree with Tara about #7. Don't play with the danglies!!

    Luf, Us

  10. Aw, that is a great list. Good job with being first. That takes a lot of effort, but I'm sure it pays off in spades. Take care!

  11. not the mama nekkid??? sigh...

    sarge likes to be first too! his mama was the same way. i like to be in the middle, but no, he wants to be first... you are a cutie today honey...

    smiles, auntie bee


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