Thursday 13 # 31: Daphne's Dislikes

13 things I DON'T LIKE!
  1. Being told NO!
  2. The vacuum cleaner running anywhere in the house.
  3. The phone ringing.
  4. The robot lady's voice on the answering machine.
  5. Auntie Spooker hisssssing at me.
  6. The opening sequence of Buffy DVDs --- why does it have to be so loud & scary?
  7. An empty food dish.
  8. Being told "Get down!"
  9. Stinky incense.
  10. Missing the landing on one of my more spectacular leaps.
  11. Having my tummy rubbed.
  12. Getting blamed for things I tried to frame Chloe for...
  13. The bedroom wastepaper basket standing upright --- how am I supposed to have access to used dryer sheets, wadded up receipts, and empty tea light cups if this basket is standing upright? Why can't it stay knocked over like I like it? I really want to know!

Mo and The Purries


  1. hi daph! you did furry good with this. and i think the wastepaper basket should be knocked over all the time too. why don't you like your tummy rubbed? i like it...

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. My old kitty, Trouble didn't like to have her tummy rubbed either!

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  4. that's an excellent tt, daphne! i agree that you should easy access to the trash basket...tip it over again!


  5. Why do da silly beans do dat silly stuff, like lissening to loud scary stuff, putting da garbaje back up and and vacuuming. Dey sher is weerd!

  6. I hate the vacuum cleaner too. I think if you get too close, it could suck you up inside.

  7. furry good TT Daphne! we hates the carpet sucking monster and being told NO too. We just ignore the GET DOWN.

  8. Ali here: You must give over to tummy rubs, they are the best!

  9. Poor Daphne!!! We rarely ever get told to get down or No! They gave up.

    Luf, Us

  10. I like to get things outta the trash too, but I just reach my head or paw in and pull things out one at a time, then leave 'em next to the trash can. Then the Lady gets annoyed with the teenagers for dropping stuff near the basket instedda IN it. Ha.

  11. No one likes being told no;)

  12. That's a great list, Daphne. Tipping over the wastepaper basket is a kitty privilege.


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