Manic Monday: Heat

I've often called Spooker my "heat-seeking missile" because no matter how hot it is, she still values a good hot spot. She detests winter, and truly loves her heated bed. Even tonight, since we have the air conditioning on for the beans, she is seeking a warm place for a nap. First, on my lap while we watched TV, and now curled up on a pillow in the guest room.

Today's Manic Monday Theme is Heat.
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  1. our cat loves to sit by the fridge by the blower so he can stay warm :) great post!

  2. No cats in the house ... although I'm trying to figure out if it is legal to have a pet-rhino?! (smile)

    My Manic Monday: Heat post is on the serious side this week. I invite you to visit if you have time or inclination.

    Happy MM! Villager

  3. I guess that makes her a real cool kitty.

  4. What a cozy kitty! :)

    That's a great shot.

  5. Good idea, I should have thought about my cats, lol ! but finally came up with the heat in Turkey.

  6. This is my first time to join Manic Monday. I'd do good the next time :)

    Never thought of cats :)

    Happy Monday!

  7. I think all cats love to be cuddled up somewhere cozy. :o)

    I have no grog
    To drink on my blog
    But won’t it be neat
    To read about heat!
    See you there.

  8. Even in summer, ours would always find that patch of sunlight and curl up in it...Spookers looks just like my Kizzy did. That's my cat that would go on walks with us and chased a dog out of our yard. I miss her...She was quite old when she walked over the rainbow bridge.

  9. Wooof... arfff, arf... pant, pant.
    Black cat. Black is my favorite color. I like sleepin' in a warm spot too.

    I’m a puppy dog
    With my own blog.
    Bring me a treat
    And we’ll talk about heat.
    Come visit.

  10. spooker honey auntie bee is just like you, i am always cold, no matter what. we don't know why, do we sweetie, sigh... i wish we could cuddle up awhile.

    smiles, auntie bee

  11. What a beautiful cat. Looks like she always gets her way too. Happy MM and may you find the heat you seek. :)

  12. Ah, look at Spooker! She is even keeping her little nose warm. Cold nostrils are bad.

  13. Sounds like our Bow. He lufs the heat. Except when it gets to be about 98 outside. Then he comes in from the cat enclosure. He likes it "moderately" hot.

    Luf, Us


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