A Package For Jazper

The DHL man brought in a package to the shop ~ for Jazper!
It was from our friend Junior! Jaz had entered a contest at Junior's site, and this was his prize!
Here's Jaz, saying , "Thanks Junior!" before we opened it.
Pay no attention to Not The Mama's desk in the background!!!

Jazper sniffs the loot!
Oooooh! Cool Sparkly Toys!!!!!

An action shot - going for the gold!

Thanks, Junior! We really appreciate this, and had so much fun opening the package!
And Jaz is really enjoying his new toys - this morning, there was one up by the front door, and one in the blue chair that you see in the background (this is where Jaz sleeps when I'm not around).

Not The Mama & Jazper

Mo and The Purries


  1. Ooh- a package! That's always fun! Jaz is so cute. I think that Dobby will look like him when he gets older, their coloring is the same and Dobby has a white spot on his neck/chest too.

  2. wow! cool prizes jaz! lucky kitty... and is that mcdonalds bag i see in the first picture something you got to taste? hmmm? ha ha ha... cutie pie.

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. Very cool! :) Those sparkly balls look like great toys!

  4. Heehee! Jazper looks very surprised about getting a package in that first photo.

  5. That looks like fun, we think we would like those balls if momma bought them for us...*stares at momma*.

    Your Friends,
    Fiona & Ali

  6. mmm...sparkle balls! those are some of my favorites. try running around with one in your mouth while grrrrrring. it's a good time.

  7. Ooooh - them sparkly ball is fun!

  8. it looks very funny~!
    It's great~!

  9. Great loot! I'd haf them all ofur the shop in no time. Obviously, the one by the door was when you was waitin fur Not the Mama to return to play wif you. Haf fun!

  10. I am so glad that Jazper is enjoying his sparkle balls....they are a favorite of mine!!!!

  11. Great action shot Jazper!!! Isn't it fun to receive packages?

    Luf, Us


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