The Patience of Jaz

I know that Jazper is the BEST shop cat in the whole world, but today he earned a Medal Of Patience. At one time, we got TWO families with multiple kids in the store. The ever-graceful shop cat, he went out to greet and meet. At one point, there were SIX kids all petting him at the same time, and they all were mostly-good when I said, "Pet his head and his back, but please don't touch his feet."
One boy decided that a head-butt would be a good idea. That is, the kid head-butted Jazper's tummy.
Jaz responded with a thwap upside the kid's head.
I think the kid deserved it.

Jazper really, really, really impressed me with his patience, but after a bit of being mauled, even he had had enough. He went to the back door and meowed once. I quickly went and let him go down the basement stairs. One of the kids tried to follow! Well, I put a stop to THAT!

Once the store was empty of kids, and calm again, he padded up the stairs, looked around, then gave himself a good grooming. He just looked at me, and he got a whole handful of Temptations.
He earned EVERY SINGLE one of them!

When I went to straighten up the store after the grubby-fingered-octopus varmints kids had left, Jaz jumped up into my desk chair and claimed it. I didn't argue. I pulled out the extra chair for me.

Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. what a little angel he was.

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. He sounds *very patient. What a good boy!

  3. a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do, that's the way it is ~the fluffy tribe

  4. Jasper, I love you! When Mom takes me out for my walk in my harness, the neighborhood girls like to follow me around. I tolerate it, and let them pet me "a little", but nothing like what you do! You are such a sweetie! Enjoy those Temptations!

  5. You REALLY earned those Temptations, Jazper ... I wouldn't not have had the patience. In fact, when the little hellions in the neighborhood get too loud outside, I move from the living room sofa into the bedroom to hide out. I prefer the garbage truck or the street sweeper to noisy kids.

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  7. Yes indeed, you earned those Temptations and many more.

  8. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Good boy Jaz.

  9. Bwahahaha! Go get 'em Jaz!!! Kids needs thwaps sometimes.

  10. I am so happy to meet you! Thank you for visiting me and saying hello. I look forward to getting to know you more.
    Your friend - Frodo

  11. Sweet cat, sweet Not the Mama~

  12. Oh Jazper, I am very proud of you!

  13. Jazper, you DO have the patients of a saint! I can't STAND little people. Actually, the Lap Lady doesn't like them much either. I'm so glad you could get away from them but you were nice and let them pet you for a while.


  14. Poor Jazper!!! We feel for you buddy!!! And we luf that you thwacked that stupid kid upside the head. Kids scare us. Yup.

    Luf, Us

  15. I'd do more than thwack that kid. Our Lady's cracking up about "grubby-fingered-octopus varmints". We've got half a dozen 2nd grade boys running around outside all day long - yuk! You really do deserve your MoP (Medal of Patience), plus all the Temptations you can eat. Those kids would've been leaking blood all over the store if I'd been in your place.

  16. Kids are so demanding, aren't they??? You are such a good boy!!!

  17. Oh Jazper, you are very patient! I have a 9 year old bean cousin that visits and plays with me sometimes, I play for awhile and then I just have to go hide. A girl can only handle so much : )


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