Rest In Peace, Senor Gato

I just received word from my dear friend Jean Paul, in South America, that his beloved companion Senor Gato has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Senor Gato was also Chloe's boyfriend, and she is heartbroken.

Please leave your condolences to Jean Paul here in a comment, and I will forward them to him via e-mail.

Be at peace, Senor Gato, you were loved.

Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. He looked like a furry nice dude. Peace fer his family.

  2. Oh, that is so sad. Not for Senor Gato but for Jean Paul. Senor Gato is at peace, whole and healthy in kitty heaven and his poor human is left with a giant hole in his heart. Jean Paul, you'll be in our prayers.

  3. Oh no. Please let Jean Paul that all of us (including Merlin) are very sad to hear this news, and he will be in our thoughts.

  4. We're so sorry for your loss Jean Paul. Senor Gato was a very handsome sweet kitty and will be missed. It is very obvious you love him a lot and you'll be in out thoughts and prayers.

  5. Dear Jean Paul,
    I am very sorry to learn that Senor Gato went to the rainbow bridge. He was a very handsome cat. I am sending my sincerest condolences to you, and many many purrs.

    -- for Not the Mamma --
    You are very nice to do this for your friend. I am also sending purrs to Chloe, because I am sure she is very very sad. Also, my Mommie smiled when she read your comments about her photography. She is trying her best!

  6. What sad news. We are so sad to learn of the passing of Senor Gato. Prayers & Purrs for his family and also for Chloe.
    ML, KC & Missy Blue Eyes

  7. We are very sorry that Senor Gato went to the Bridge. Sending purrs and purrayers.

  8. oh we are so sorry to hear about Sr Gato. Chloe honey, he will be watching you from the Bridge and will always be wif you. Sr Gato will also be watching over you Jean Paul and waiting for you at the Bridge, and when you get there, you will both dance over the bridge together into forever.

  9. Jean Paul, siento mucho la muerte de Senor Gato. He was a fine looking cat. He will be missed very much.

  10. oh no, this is dreadful news. i am so sorry that this happened and Jean Paul, please know that lots of us cared about him.

    and chole honey, i am furry sorry for you too.

    hugs, auntie bee

  11. Dear Jean Paul.
    I am very so to hear the news about Senor Gato. Losing a pet is like losing a child. I am sorry for your loss

  12. Dear Jean Paul:
    We are so sorry for your loss. Senor Gato was a very nice looking cat. You will be on our prayers.
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom

    And Chloe, we are sorry for your loss, too. He was a vey handsome mancat.
    Samantha & Tigger

  13. Oh no! We're so sorry to hear about this. We've been fans of Senor Gato since his first comment on your blog and we've often read his comments to the teenagers because we enjoyed them so much. Senor Gato, we will miss you. Love and purrs to Jean Paul and, of course, to Chloe.

  14. Purrrrrrrrrs to Jean Peal for his loss. We's sorry to hear Senor Gato had to go on to the Bridge.

    Purrrrrrrrrs to Chloe too, we knows you'll miss him lots too.

    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  15. Purrs to Jean Paul on you loss of Senor Gato. May he live on in your heart.

  16. We are sorry to hear about Senor Gato. He was a very handsome boy. Please pass on our thoughts and purrayers to Jean Paul. Hugs and kitty kisses to Chloe.

  17. dear mr jean paul, we are furry sorry to hear that senor gato has gone to the bridge. we knows you has a gato-shaped hole in your heart, but it will soon fill up wif good memories an' you won't hurt so bad.

    love & purrs to you from
    nelson lapurr, edmund p hillary, nitro s pierce, and xing lu pierce

  18. dear miss chloe, please accept our condolences on the loss of your dear senor gato. he looks like a furry nice kitty, and know you will miss him dreffully. we purrray that you will soon have peace in your heart, and that your sadness passes quickly.

    love & kitty-kisses from
    nels, edmund, nitro, and xingxing

  19. We were so sorry to hear about this. Our prayers with Senor Gato's family and sweet Chloe. We are sending purrs to Jean Paul and Chloe, and also to Not The Mama for sharing with us.

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  20. We're so furry sorry to hear 'bout Senor Gato. We're sendin' purrs for Jean Paul and also for Chloe.

  21. Meowm and I are so very sorry that Senor Gato passed. Please give our sincere condolences to Jean Paul and Chloe too.

  22. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Take care Jean Paul.

  23. Dear Jean Paul,

    I am very sorry to hear about your friend, Senor Gato. My thoughts are with you!


  24. We are all sorry to hear of the loss of Senor Gato. What a fine looking orange tabby. I am sure he shared much happiness and love with you. Rest peacefully Senor Gato.


    All of us from Manx Mnews
    Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie

  25. We are so sorry! Purrs to you.

    All of us........

  26. Thanks you, friends. Señor Gato was my best friend. He always live in my heart!

    Jean Paul.

    Ps: I love so much, My friend. Many thanks for all.

  27. Ooo, I'm a bit late, but here anyway!

    Jean Paul, I'm so, so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I know the pain of loss of a beloved furry friend. I hope you find peace and comfort in the warm wishes being sent your way.

  28. Please pass along our deepest sympathy and many hugs from us here at the Forty Paws to Jean Paul. We are so sorry to hear of Senor Gato's passing. It's always hard for those of us left behind. Please give Chloe many purrs and hugs from us as well.

    Luf, Us


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