Thursday 13: Jazper Toys

13 Things I played with this week:
  1. My catnip carrot (thanks, Daisy!)
  2. Not The Mama's feet.
  3. Feather-butt-rattle mousie.
  4. Incrediblubbles - everlasting bubbles!
  5. Squiggles (thanks, DKM!)
  6. Fluffy puff that came in the catnip canister.
  7. Bessie.
  8. A little moth.
  9. Cocktail weiner dog (thanks, Daisy!)
  10. Sparkly puffs (thanks, Junior!)
  11. Packing paper from The Republic of Tea.
  12. The "Pull Tab To Open" strip from Not The Mama's Amazon dot com order.
  13. Kitty Babble Ball - it says "here kitty kitty" when I rabbit-kick it!
Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. Toys are so much FUN! I have that catnip carrot, too. It might count as eating your vegetables.

  2. You have a toy that TALKS to you?
    Way to go, Jaz!

  3. oooh - number 12 is one of my purrsonal favorites!

  4. If there are other kitties that might like some more toys, our website is featuring a contest specifically for bloggers who love cats. You can read about it on our homepage

  5. wow honey that is lots of stuff you played wif this week! you are furry smart to play wif all that and cute too. kiss kiss...

    smiles, auntie bee

  6. Goodness!! You've got a lot of toys from all your poodin friends to play with!!! And wrapping paper is the best! Annie really loves brown wrapping paper. She plays "Where's Annie?"

    It sounds like you had fun!

    Luf, Us

  7. A day late commenting on your TT, but glad I stopped by! Great list.

  8. Jazper, you played with alots of things this week! My favourite toys are my super bouncey balls, my fuzzy mices and the laser light, the only problem with the laser light is you have to wait for Mum to play with you.

  9. I like those little plastic rings that the humans pull of the milk carton. Have you tried those yet?


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