Thursday 13: Jazper's Secret Paws Package Arrives!

Yay! My Secret Paws package arrived today!

The man-in-brown-shorts just brought it!
And it's from Daisy!
Oh, Daisy, THANK YOU!

There's tons of goodies inside -
- and Not The Mama took 13 pictures
to share with you!

~ after all this I gotta take a nap,
I'm nipped out...
luv, Jazper

Daisy, you're so clever!

Let me sniff everything first!

Mmmm.... smells like catnip and Daisy....
I think I'm in heaven....


Sorry, no nice picture layout of the loot -
- gotta ATTACK!

Excuse me while I drool over
the Cocktail Weiner Dog...


Action Jazper!

Nothing like
the smell of 'nip in the morning....


Catnip and feathers!
What a combination!


All this 'nip is giving me the munchies...

Can't you open those TEMPTATIONS
any faster?!?!?


Puttin' the bitey on the Cat Dancer!

Can you put the camera away now......

... I need some private time alone with my carrot....

Thanks again, Daisy!

I LOVE everything!


Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh Jazper, I am soooo happy that you like your presents! My favorite toy is the Cat Dancer, so I was hoping you would have fun with it. And I thought the cocktail weiner dog was very funny and cute. I am clapping my paws and dancing around because you like your presents.

  2. ooh - great stuff! we've got a carrot like that too...hey Lady - time for fresh nip in the carrot!

  3. Jazper, yoo are an 'akshon cat' look at dat blur...

  4. Jazper, that looks like a wonderful Secret Paw package. You are very cute kitty cat and so photogenic!

    I hope you have fun with your new toys & treats!

  5. wow jaz! (and i know you secretly have a little crush on daisy, but i won't tell skeezix!) you got some wonderful stuff, all daisied up stuff!

    smiles, auntie bee

  6. Aren't secret paws the best? momma got us a cat dancer that you can stick to the wall and Fiona just loves it.

  7. We have one of those carrots, and we LOOOOOOVEEEES it! You can actually wash it, too...when you change the nip package inside.

  8. Oh what a lot of fun Jazper! That carrot does look yummy. I'm not usually one for veggies, but that one looks good. Secret Paws is great! And Daisy is a great Secret Paw pal.
    your bud Pepi

  9. That's a grate pakkij Jazper. We got one of those nip carrots too, and it's the bestest toy I efurr had.

  10. That looks like a cool package-I hope you don't have a nip hangover...

  11. How cool! Daisy got some great gifts for you!

  12. looks like lots and lots of fun!

  13. Wow, Jazper! You got some super wonderful presents in your Secret Paws from Daisy the Curly Cat! I especially like that catnip carrot! It looks super-tempting! Oh, and did Not the Mama give you lots of those nummy Temptations after you played yourself into a tizzy? I sure hope so!

  14. That's a great Secret Paws package! :) Daisy put together a wonderful selection of gifts! Enjoy your toys and treats!

  15. That's so cute~ Jazper must be wonderful to have at the shop!
    Thank you, Not the Mama, for sharing these photos; and thank you, Daisy, for giving the package to the Jaz-man!

  16. How fun!!!! That's a totally awesome Secret Paws package!!!! We're so happy for you Jazper!!! And the ladies over here are swooning at your photos!!! ~~~Thud~~~

    Luf, Us

    Pee Sss. Thank you for your kind words in Auntie Bee's blog...

  17. Those gifts look so cool! Don't you just love Daisy!



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