Last night, I went into the kitchen for a beverage, and I heard a growling.
Daphne was sitting, nose pressed up against the screen door in the dining room, growling at The Floofster, who was eating kibble out on the deck. I'd NEVER heard Daphne growl before. She's usually the most mild-mannered kitty. I shut the sliding glass door to separate them, and went to bed.
I dreamt that something bad was going to happen. Where things are all out-of-whack.
Call it a disturbance in the Force.
This morning, I'm carrying Chloe from the bathroom to the bedroom in our usual morning ritual, when she hissed. For a split second, I thought the tabby at the top of the stairs that she hissed at must be the Floofster.
But no. It was Daphne.
I set Chloe down on the bed, and she immediately started growling and hissing at Daphne.
Daphne wouldn't jump up on the bed, even when I shook the Temptations bag, and she hissed and growled back at Chloe.
For two kids that are normally so inseparable and affectionate with one another, this threw me for a loop.
Spooker sat on her corner of the bed, waiting for her Temptations, giving me a "Don't look at me..." kinda of look.
The only time that Daphne & Chloe have never gotten along was in the day immediately following their ladygardenectomies. Then, they did some hissing, but no growling, and just needed some space. They quickly made up as they felt better, and have been such loving sisters since then... 'til this morning...
The only thing, other than the arrival of the Floofster, that I can pin this on is the weather. It's been HOT the past few days, and our A/C is broken. We're all hot & miserable in the house.
I can only hope, that once the pending weather front moves through, tempers as well as temperatures will cool down in the house.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh no! I hope it cools down for you soon, and that Chlor and Daphne become buddies again.

  2. I am pretty sure it is the Floofster that got things all upset.

    One time, Pixie saw a strange cat outside the window. And she literally went CRAZY! Out of her mind. It took a long time (days) for her to slowly settle down and get back to normal. She has seen other cats before, so we do not know why this one time she got so upset.

    Hope things cool down soon!

  3. Oh gosh, we hope it cools off for you soon. Yeah, the only time dat Zippy and Punkin EVER argued was when one cat showed up in our yard. Mom finally trapped him and took him to da shelter (where he was adopted after only two days after being put in da general population!) and after he stopped coming around they were fine!

  4. Oh my goodness I hope it cools off for you and that Daphne and Chloe feel better.

    I hope that this makes them feel a little better -- there's a special pink ribbon for you on my blog, because I've nominated each of you, Chloe, Daphne and Spooker as Rockin' Girl Bloggers!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat

  5. We hope that it cools down soon.

  6. It could be a combination of the weather and a strange kitty showing up. I hope Daphne and Chloe make up soon and it cools down for you.

  7. Oh dear, that is too bad that Chloe and Daphne are out-of-sorts! Yes, I agree it must be the weather! It is hard to wear a full length fur coat in the hot summer weather you know.

  8. It's hard to be friendly when your brain is frying. We hope the cool weather comes back for you guys soon.
    Don't bite each other though. That makes moms and not-the-moms freak out. Plus, then you have to apologize later.
    Boni Maroni

    Pee Ess. ::waves paw:: Hi Jazper!

  9. Ugh, I bet it's the heat and the Floofster. I bet he isn't snipped. I hope it improves. No one needs biteys, trust me on that one!

  10. Uh Oh! Fiery floofy fury!

  11. Wuh oh. Bad noos. We'll be sending pawsitive thoughts to Chloe & Daphne & you!

    Luf, Us

  12. Oh no! Hope the weather cools down soon!

  13. We nominated Daphne for the Rockin Girl Blogger Award!!!

  14. I think we're all a little cranky with this horrible hot weather. I'm so sorry you're all so hot!!! Hopefully all will settle down soon.


  15. We saw a great new word over at Big Piney Woods Cats -- "crabilated". Maybe that's what happened to Chloe & Daphne. When it's too hot everybody is crabilated!

    Cute babies. Was I ever that small Mom?

    Your friend

    P.S. Our central AC went out on Father's Day so we were forced to go out and buy 2 window units. It's not the best but it's better than nothing in this awful heat.

    Crews Mom

  16. Misplaced aggression? They see the Floofster an take it out on each other instead. Mom's read about it.

    The heat seems to make Bonnie NICER?!?! But Dad's CRABBY.

  17. y'all play nice now, you hear?

    smiles, auntie bee

  18. The hot weather makes everyone crabilated and strange kitties make Tigger nuts!! Those kitties are so cute, my mom would take them all, but dad says no more!! Love your Fake mice picture, too.
    Samantha & Tigger

  19. Oh Oh. I sure hope things cool down all over!


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