A note from Chloe

Remember the other day, when Not The Mama posted that "showdown" pic of me & That Old Fart Spooker?
Well, Auntie Hissball Spooker was on MY table. That's right, I claim this table as MINE. It used to be Not The Mama's grandparents' kitchen table, and when they passed away, he brought it to our home. It sits in our foyer, right next to the stairs that go up to our bedroom.
And it's MINE.
So when I saw that Grumpula Spooker was on MY table, I just had to stop and have a stare-down. That's when Not The Mama took that previous picture. Don't worry, I chased her off the table and then up the stairs. Did you know she can run and hiss at the same time? What a grouch.

Last night, Not The Mama brought me home a raw-hide chew toy. He said he'd been looking for a while for one small enough for me. Because, you see, I like to chew things. Shoes, books, and especially cardboard boxes are all fair game. Not The Mama was hoping I'd grow out of this chewing-phase, but I say it's fun to munch on stuff! Well, I played with the chew-toy, that smelled like the pet store, but didn't chew it. Not The Mama says, "That figures."

Any other puddins out there love to chew?

Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. you little cutie! spooker is nice too honey, try hard to play nice, okay? you are a sweetie...

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. I think the piece of cardboard or the sack that the raw-hide came in is much more fun to chew!

    ~Anna Sue

  3. I don't do much chewin' on stuff, but I do love to rub my muzzle on efurrything.

  4. Chloe, I am glad you got your rightful place on your table back! I was a chewer when I was a baby, but now I just bite.

  5. No I don't chew on much, other than food! But Not The Mama might consider rubbing the chew with tuna juice, stinky goodness etc so it doesn't taste like the pet store.

  6. I just love to chew FOOD!!!
    But it's a good idea to defend your territory .. um tabletory.. too.

  7. The Siamese before me loved to chew--mostly socks..? I'm not much of a chewer unless it's food.

  8. Chloe you were right to chase Spooker off of your table. Spooker seems so much bigger than you, I'm impressed that she wasn't the one doing the chasing. I think it's funny that she was hissing as she ran.

    I chew on plastic, which drives my momma crazy. I even was chewing the shower curtain.

  9. Yay! You gotted your table back!

  10. I Dare you...!
    Come on over and check it out.
    from The Cat Realm

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  12. I don't like to chew things. At least I haven't tried that yet, but I LOVE to lick things!!! Especially wet things, like the outside of soda cans or glasses or the bathtub, but also Mommy and Daddy's skin, noses and fingers are my favorite. :)

    (sorry, accidentally left my comment in merlin's name, had to switch)


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