Thanks, Whiskas!

Hello Bloggie Buddies, Jazper here.
With a word of Thanks to the nice people at Whiskas: Thanks!
We got our FREE goodie box of Purrfectly Fish™ in the mail today!
Just in time for breakfast!
And we have a couple words of advice for the human-beans out there who are gonna get this free sample in the mail: if you haven't opened a packet of Whiskas' Purrfectly Fish™ before, look at the directions on the back of the packet on the top:

#1 makes sense: shake the goodies down under the "tear line"
#2 DO NOT TEAR open the package like their directions say. After shaking the goods down, grab a pair of scissors or kitchen shears and use the "tear line" as a guideline to CUT open the packet. Trust us on this one. You want the delightfully smelly fish juices to go into your bowl, not splattered all over your bean. My bean tried to be very careful tearing lots of times, but ALWAYS there was splatter. Trust your buddy Jaz on this one: beans should use scissors to open Purrfectly Fish. Oh, and Not The Mama says "Wipe off your scissor blades afterwards"
See, Purrfectly Fish is so purrfect because it has lots of fish juice. And we've decided fish juice is better in my bowl, and then in my tummy, then all over Not The Mama's work shirt. Or counter. Or cash register.
#3 Enjoy!

I really enjoy the flavors of Purrfectly Fish™ and Not The Mama enjoys that they are pure fish, with no grains or glutens in most of their flavors. Purrfectly Fish Tuna is the best overall, by the way, in my humble opinion.
So, Thanks again to the nice people at Whiskas. In the freebie pouch, there was a "purrem" (poem) inside that said:
"What makes Whiskas Purrfectly Fish™
the answer to every cat's wish?
It the cuts of real fish, real juices
and flavors simply delish!"

See, the Whiskas people even bolded the "real juices" cuz they know how potent they are!
And a special surprise bonus inside the Whiskas freebie box: a sample of Chicken Flavor Temptations! How cool is that? The little bonus "Try Me" bag is purrfect size for my afternoon treat!
Thanks, Whiskas!
Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. Sounds yummy! The fish-flavoured food I get is Almo Nature, which is 100% ocean-caught fish, 100% organic rice and cooking water. And that's it. :) So the tuna looks like tuna that humans would eat, and the salmon looks like canned salmon that humans would buy! It's yummy. :)

  2. Someone walked by while I read this and is now twining around my ankles. I think I am being asked to go to the Whiskas site.

  3. wow jazz, what a great treat! i'm furry happy you got it! yay jazz!!!

    smiles, auntie bee


  4. Real fish juices? YUM!

  5. We LOVE Whiskas Purrfectly Fish!!! And all of us can eat it without it messing up our tummys (cept that flavor wif wheat gluten, but we furgot which one that was cuz Mommy don't get it).
    Those are GRATE tips on how to serve them. Wiping off the scissors is furry impawtant Mommy says, cuz the fish joose becomes fish glue if you don't. (She shoulda let us lick the scissors, they're not the sharp kind. heehe)
    Glad you got some special yummies!

  6. We love this stuff, momma buys it for us pretty often and she just got our free sample too. It gives us yummy fish breath to kiss momma with.

  7. Wowy - where can we gits some of that stuff?!

  8. Hello - thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Meowmie is waiting for sample pouches from Nature's Menu - all natural foods - she is goig to try them out on me when they arrive. I will report back!

  9. how'dja get the free stuffs? i wanna get free stuffs! duz the fish stink lots? i like fishie stuff that stinks frum a cupple feet away. that's my faverit. whaddo i gotta do ta get it?

  10. Thanks for the info Jazper. I will have to look to see if we have this in Canada. I'm thinking we probably don't though - we are always behind : (

  11. Free food??? Oh wow, I am on my way to the whiskas site right now.

  12. Yup, that's some good stuff, and our Mommy make the same mistake!Juice all over Hee!


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