Thursday 13: Me & Not The Mama

13 Things Me & Not The Mama do every morning,
By Chloe

  1. We talk while he's in the shower. I'm on the window ledge, and he's getting wet. He asks me how I'm doing and I tell him, "Hurry up, my Temptations await!"
  2. While he pokes a little white stick in his ears, he brushes me with his hairbrush and tells me how pretty I am.
  3. When he's ready to go into the bedroom to get dressed, he carries me and gives me ear rubs.
  4. Then he sets me down on the bed, in between Spooker and Daphne.
  5. I get the first Temptation every day. Then Daphne gets one, then Spooker. This is our routine. He hand-feeds me mine, but he puts the ones for Daphne & Spooker on the sheet.
  6. After he gives us our morning treats, he rubs my head and says, "You girls be good today."
  7. When he's dressed, he goes to litter box #1. I wait for him to scoop. Then I go in for my daily dozens. He waits for me to bury them before he digs them back out.
  8. I wait for him at the top of the stairs, then escort him down. If our kibble bowl is empty, Not The Mama can tell because Daphne is running up & down the stairs in front of him, like she's afraid he'll forget to feed us and let us starve to death.
  9. When we're downstairs, we go to litter box #2. I watch him scoop this one, and try to paw at the plastic bag (hey I know my still-warm poop is in there!).
  10. I supervise the morning filling of the kibble bowl, and the water bowls. If Spooker's water bowl in the half-bath was empty, I watch Daphne harass Spooker as she tries to get a drink.
  11. I escort Not The Mama to the fish tanks. The first one that gets the light turned on and fed is in the home office. That's where the baby mollies are (there are FIVE now!). Then we go feed the goldfish - their aquarium is in the laundry room, but the goldfish are boring.
  12. Right before he leaves for work, he says, "Bye Sweet Pea, be good." When he calls me Sweet Pea, I know that means he loves me.
  13. After he steps out the door, I jump up on the kitchen counter and watch him get into his car from the forbidden kitchen window sill. He "bye" at me, then I can go and take my morning nap.

Mo and The Purries


  1. chloe that sounds like a wonderful morning ritual!

    smiles, auntie bee


  2. Oh, aren't cat's fickle things...

    Our Jasmine is a bit like that. If she does NOT get fed when SHE wants to, then look out...

    Ours is up as well if you want to stop by and have a look...

    Happy TT!

  3. That's wonderful that Not the Momma has a routine for you. We cats thrive on routine and I hate it when humans feel a need to stir things up.

  4. That is an excellent Thursday Thirteen! I used to watch My Lady shower every morning, but then I stopped. I just stopped. She does not understand why I no longer keep her company. I don't either. I simply just stopped. I like to be with my new brother a lot so I think that is probably why.

    P.S. You are very pretty!

  5. Mornings are very special times - we love helping Mommy in the morning!

  6. Mornings are better now dat mom duzzent go away. We gets more one on one time wif her and longer rubby and brushing seshuns. It's good to haf a morning routine.

  7. Chloe, you sure have a busy morning! It is very silly how once we bury something, the beans dig it right back up.

    And guess what? My Mommie sometimes brushes me with her hairbrush, too.

  8. That sounds like the perfect morning to me!

  9. Hello, kitties! Spanky wanted me to tell you that birds have their routines, too. They stay in their houses at night (we do not call them "cages") with a sheet covering them so they don't get scared of the boogeyman. They're not brave at night like you are. Then in the morning, we take the sheet off and open the door to their house and out they come! They sing (squawk!) for awhile to let the world know they're alive and well.
    You kitties take good care of Not the Mama and give him lots of kisses!
    Auntie Gracie

  10. Chloe, you have a very busy morning. My Mum says she is not a "morning person" so our routine is not as long as yours. She does most of the stuff at night so in the morning she can blindly get dressed and rush to work, all the while still a little groggy. She does kiss my tummy every morning when she gets up though - I like that.

  11. Sounds good to me, you are loved!
    I took over Mommy Tink's blog yesterday to introduce myself with 13 pictures. Wanna meet me?
    Love, Maia

  12. Chloe your picture is just great. We have our morning & evening routines too, and we get upset if things aren't done just the way they're supposed to be!

  13. That's a great routine and it sounds like you are a great snooperviser Chloe!

    Luf, Us


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