u no poo update

I suppose every little bit counts, right?
Well, we have achieved a tiny bit of poo.
Each time Ubee strained this afternoon, a tiny bit of poo came out. Not enough to make it into the litter, but enough for me to wipe away with a tissue. The last one, at 6:19pm, was a two-tissue.
Don't worry, I haven't started an excel spreadsheet. Yet.

He does NOT like to drink water, and the vet said to back off the Similac, so I've been forcing down a teaspoon of water every hour or so. Then, when I fed Jaz dinner - I had an idea that turned out to be brillo pads! I'd picked up a couple packs of Whiskas' normal pouch food to supplement the meager supply of Purrfectly Fish onhand at the store the other day, and as I poured a pouch out into Jaz's dish tonight, I thought "wow, there's a lot of sauce..."
Yep, I tore open another packet and spoon-fed the Ubee-woobee as much of the "sauce" as he could lick up. He didn't much care for the actual stinky goodness (he ate a few bites) but he willingly lapped up as much of the sauce as I could squeeze out. He's asleep right now, preparing for the drive home.
I'm making sure to take a pouch of the Whiskas "with sauce" home with me.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words -- I must admit today wasn't my most optimistic day -- and for the prayers for poo. Keep praying for a BIG BM! I know it's in there, we just gotta work it out! I just have a feeling (wait, is that optimism creeping back...?) that if we can clear out his little colon, then we have a real fighting chance at life for Ubee.

I love you guys.

Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM


  2. Stinky goodness sauce is the greatest. I hope Ubee starts to drink water more soon. He needs it. You are a very very nice person Not The Mama. My Lady wonders what some kitties would do without you!

  3. Purrin for poo and the big BM!
    He is such a cutie!

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    He can do it...I know he can!

  5. Has he pooped yet?
    If not, he may need help.
    Tiny kittens get their butts licked by their mothers, which coaxes them into having a bowel movement. For tiny kittens that have been separated from their moms, people sometimes have to mimic that "licking" by gently rubbing their butts with a warm damp washcloth. Otherwise the poop just builds up and the kitty can die.
    When Honeynut was a tiny kitten (before I adopted her), my aunt had to do this for her.

  6. You are a cat magnet.
    That is an adorable kitten. Have you tried chicken babyfood? Dinah has trouble eating stinky goodness, she just licks the sauce off, but I put her on baby food and she is finally gaining some weight. Just be sure to get the kind that doesn't contain onions.
    Well, I've been busy photographing the Mites first poops in the litter box, hmmmm, that spreadsheet sounds like a great idea! hee hee.
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  7. Poor little guy!!! I hope that BM comes soon! Healing energy coming your way!!!

  8. ooo Jana is right! try taking a warm washcloth and rubbing his butt with it. And try the canned pumpkin too - mixed with some water - you may have to put it in a syringe.

    come on little guy - POO

  9. I hope you had a poopy night!


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