Ubee Sunday Update

Well, we made it through the night.
Ubee has a very bad respiratory infection, and I'm not sure but he may have been hit by a car or stepped on or something -- his back end doesn't work very well. Under the tail was all matted and filthy, and I finally got it cleared up enough to see a goody bag, so Ubee's a boy, I'm pretty sure.
I stayed in the guest room all night with him, feeding him stinky goodness every two hours. And holding him to keep him warm in between feedings. He loves to cuddle, and is quite affectionate. Sometime in the middle of the night, he was purring on my chest, and kneading my chin with his front paws. He just looked me in the eye as if to say "Thank you" and my eyes started getting all leaky.
I didn't want to feed too much at once, to make him sick - but he's kept everything down.
Since he's eating stinky goodness, should I try to supplement with anything?

He let me clean up the eye goobers this morning, so his face looks a bit better than one only a Not The Mama could love. And he actually licked his foreleg and tried to wash his face - the first time he'd attempted grooming in front of me. I know that he's re-hydrated a bit more, because his third eyelids are retracting all the way now, and his eyes themselves are a bit clearer.
This afternoon, I will try and tackle the ears - they are full of dried blood (I think from ear-mites) and as he gets stronger, he has started shaking his head.
And tomorrow is a trip to the V-E-T, to see what can be done for the little feller. While I am optimistic that he will recover, there is that back-end problem. When he finally urinated, it was thick with blood. And there has been no attempt at a bowel movement yet, but he was so starved. I thought Inky was skin & bones when she got rescued in the winter - but under the floof, this little guy is just skin and not much else.
But he has a purr as big as all outdoors.

I will keep you all up-dated.
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. not the mama, you are the kindest most loving person on this planet honey... bar none. i love you!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Bless his little heart! We're so glad that Bessie found Ubee and brought him to you. If you've got any cat antibiotics, you could get him started on those because he's likely got several infections going on. Other than that, mix the stinky goodness with water to get as much liquid into him as possible.

    Luf, Maw

  3. Oh, Ubee, I already love you! I am pulling for you.

    Hopefully since he made it through the first night, he will start getting stronger and stronger. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong, and all he needs is some antibiotics, stinky goodness, and love.

  4. Has he pooped yet?
    If not, he may need help.
    Tiny kittens get their butts licked by their mothers, which coaxes them into having a bowel movement. For tiny kittens that have been separated from their moms, people sometimes have to mimic that "licking" by gently rubbing their butts with a warm damp washcloth. Otherwise the poop just builds up and the kitty can die.
    When Honeynut was a tiny kitten (before I adopted her), my aunt had to do this for her.

  5. I hope that whatever has happened is fixable with that backend thing. Urinating blood is rather scary for a little thing.

    He's lucky to have you right now.

  6. Not the Mama, you are too kind for words to describe. I hope Ubee recovers. He is lucky to have found you. I think you are right in thinking that he got hit by a car.

    P.S. Tell Chloe I said Hi!

  7. Wots of purrs for wittle Ubee!
    And Not The Mama, you're the kindest bean I've seen!

  8. we agree - we wish all humans were as wonderful as you are. we wanna come over and purr on you too.

  9. Oh, we'll certainly send a few extra purrs for sweet little Ubee. Hopefully, the v-e-t will be able to make him all better. He is so lucky that you are taking care of him - we think you are wonderful, indeed!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  10. oh Not The Mama, you are just an angel to kittens!!! we hopes that his back end can be fixed. the blood in the urine could be from being so dehydrated. maybe some regular people babyfood stage 1 meat with no onion powder will help - it's full of water to keep him hydrated. good luck at the v-e-t tomorrow

    Meezer Mom Mary and The Boyz

  11. Poor little guy. I hope he can recover. Good luck!

  12. Not The Mama, I don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading this update. I feel like doing both. My poor little Ubee is so lucky to be alive and with you now. I'll hold faith that he will be okay. There are miracles waiting to happen, and the first for Ubee was Bessie finding him, the second, being taken care of by you... watch for the third.

    And remember:
    Ubee allll riiiight!

  13. My eyes are leaky, too...poor little doll!
    We nursed a little foundling once and the vet had us wet a cotton ball with warm water and wipe his fanny with it, to stimulate the momma licking routine. It really did make him have a BM.
    We're rooting for Ubee!

  14. Poor ickle floofers :( I hope everything comes out all right at the v-e-t!

  15. Oh this is scary. I hope he's okay.

  16. Bless his heart. Let us know if you need help with vet bills, okay? And we'll send out purrs and purr-ayers.

  17. Oh, Mo!~ Please keep us updated on Ubee!
    You're so sweet, Morgen~


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